Hardware Competition

Final Results SoutheastCon 2019 Winners :

Final Standings Available : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DqehVuSWq2uOKsn9gIgF807Y_UsugKH4_x3prgCqvh8/edit?usp=sharing

Student Hardware Competition
1st University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
2nd University of West Florida
3rd University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Student Hardware Competition (Open)
1st Fortenberry Polytechnic
2nd Lipscomb University
3rd University of the West Indies – Mona


Rules Change Log:

  • v1.3
    • The playing field walls are not painted; wall material comes primed flat white
      (ref. p. 4, IV, 1)
    • The playing field carpet base is now specified as:  Home Depot, Elevations – color Sky Grey Ribbed Texture indoor/outdoor
      12 foot carpet, Store a. Model # 7PD5N660144H, b. Internet #203240740, c. Store SKU #512275, d. Store SO SKU #1001084759  (ref. p. 11)
    • Green Paint Spec.    (ref. p. 12)
      Base:    Glidden     Base GLN9013N
      CLRNT   AX   DL   KXL
      OZ      12    1       2
      384th   76   280   20
    • Spacetel base, painted flat black, is 1 x 3 x 4″ long.  There are no wires leading from the Spacetels; they are powered by a 9v battery on the base.    (ref. p. 14).
    • The wooden blocks, corner posts and central column are painted, not taped; the paint colors are matched to the tape colors.  (ref. p. 12)
    • The only tape is on the carpet base.
    • Minor changes in terminology.
    • Clarification of sorting for prelim. and final rounds.
  • v 1.2
    • Point Values have been modified (page 7 & 8)
    • Carpet type updated (page 10)
    • Updated Yellow Tape Spec (page 10/11)
    • NEW – Paint Specs for the wooden blocks (page 11)
    • Wooden Blocks are updated to pre-rounded edge from Amazon (page 11)
    • Wooden Blocks are now painted instead of taped (page 11/12)
    • Corner Posts are now painted instead of taped (page 11/12)

Questions and Discussion:

Questions and their answers will be posted to the FAQ page of this site. To post a question, see our slack: https://southeastcon19.slack.com/

To request access to this slack channel, email Elena Todorovska at et0005@uah.edu



The year is 2069 and mankind has successfully established colonies on the Moon and Mars and has routine daily flights between Earth and its outposts.  The past 50 years have led to great innovations in space travel and colonization. Interplanetary flights have become the norm and commercial Space-based Hotels (Spacetels) are a popular vacation spot for earthlings. Unfortunately, these travels have also caused mankind to create an enormous amount of space debris, creating a hazard for travel to other planets and Spacetels.

You and your friends have taken the latest space flight for spring break aboard the Spacetel orbiting above earth designated S.S. New Orange Beach. During your flight to S.S. New Orange Beach, your astronauts have insisted that you keep your window shutters closed. You couldn’t resist the urge to peek; outside your window you see a cloud of debris floating ominously in the distance. A red flyer wagon rockets past your window, barely avoiding collision with the spacecraft.

The repercussions of a collision with even a tiny piece debris traveling at orbital or interplanetary velocities could be devastating; such a collision could destroy a spacecraft. The cleanup process is arduous and expensive, and international regulations only permit unmanned, autonomous bots to assist with the cleanup efforts. To reduce the risk of disaster, debris removal bots have been commissioned by the international community. These autonomous debris removal bots will assist with cleanup of the debris in Earth’s orbit. Your mission is to design such an autonomous debris removal bot. In the spirit of cooperation that led to our greatest innovations in space, your bot must cooperate with other debris removal bots in orbit and thus make space travel safer for everyone.  Good luck with your venture.