Student Hardware Competition

1st University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

2nd University of West Florida

3rd University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Student Hardware Competition (Open)

1st Fortenberry Polytechnic

2nd Lipscomb University

3rd University of the West Indies – Mona

Student Software Competition 

1st University of Central Florida

2nd Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

3rd University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Student Ethics Competition

1st University of Alabama

2nd University of Florida

3rd Florida Polytechnic University

Student FPV Drone Competition 

1st University of Alabama Huntsville

2nd University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Student Networking Competition 

1st Jack Thompson, University of Florida

2nd Nathaniel Furman, University of Miami

3rd Sam Horne, University of Memphis

Student Paper Competition   

1st Lars Tatum, University of Florida

2nd Kintanar and Nguyen, Christian Brothers University

Student T-Shirt Competition 

1st Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

2nd University of Kentucky

3rd University of Memphis

Branch Website Competition

1st Valencia College

2nd Georgia Tech

3rd North Carolina State University


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