Student Program:

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  • UPDATED : January 23rd 2019

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Rules Change Log

  • v1.3
    • The playing field walls are not painted; wall material comes primed flat white
      (ref. p. 4, IV, 1)
    • The playing field carpet base is now specified as:  Home Depot, Elevations – color Sky Grey Ribbed Texture indoor/outdoor
      12 foot carpet, Store a. Model # 7PD5N660144H, b. Internet #203240740, c. Store SKU #512275, d. Store SO SKU #1001084759  (ref. p. 11)
    • Green Paint Spec.    (ref. p. 12)
      Base:    Glidden     Base GLN9013N
      CLRNT   AX   DL   KXL
      OZ      12    1       2
      384th   76   280   20
    • Spacetel base, painted flat black, is 1 x 3 x 4″ long.  There are no wires leading from the Spacetels; they are powered by a 9v battery on the base.    (ref. p. 14).
    • The wooden blocks, corner posts and central column are painted, not taped; the paint colors are matched to the tape colors.  (ref. p. 12)
    • The only tape is on the carpet base.
    • Minor changes in terminology.
    • Clarification of sorting for prelim. and final rounds.
  • v 1.2
    • Point Values have been modified (page 7 & 8)
    • Carpet type updated (page 10)
    • Updated Yellow Tape Spec (page 10/11)
    • NEW – Paint Specs for the wooden blocks (page 11)
    • Wooden Blocks are updated to pre-rounded edge from Amazon (page 11)
    • Wooden Blocks are now painted instead of taped (page 11/12)
    • Corner Posts are now painted instead of taped (page 11/12)