W[I]E PRESENT!: Emma Angelini

14 June 2021 – 17.30

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A bridge between past and future: Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Prof. Emma Angelini
Politecnico di Torino, Dept. of Applied Science and Technology

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Chemistry and materials science play an outstanding role in understanding, protecting, and transmitting the legacy of the multimateric artifacts we inherited from past generations. Chemists, as well as materials scientists, are called to contribute solving some of the challenges that face Cultural Heritage today: composition and structure of heritage materials, that allow obtaining information on provenance, dating, manufacturing technology of artifacts, conservation, restoration, safeguard, securing of artifacts against natural catastrophes and man-made disasters. In the last decades, the advances in the analytical capabilities of spectroscopic and chromatographic methods, the developments in chemical imaging, and the potential of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, allowed to improve to a great extent traditional conservation and restoration methods and contributed to the development of new diagnostic methods. Moreover, the increased availability and popularity of portable non-invasive instrumentation catalyzed innovation in the research of Cultural Heritage and provided new solutions and perspectives in its documentation, interpretation, and cultural uses. This multidisciplinary vision associated with ICT helps to foster the role of Cultural Heritage as a key factor for better understanding our history, traditions, and culture, an instrument of cohesion of our diversified community, and not least an element of individual and social wellbeing. The contribution of our research group to the study and characterization of metallic artifacts of historical and archaeological interest will be illustrated.

Speaker’s biography:

Professor Emma Angelini, graduated in Chemistry at the University of Torino in 1975, is Full Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry at Politecnico di Torino since December 2003. From 2017 she is Vice-President of the ICC-International Corrosion Council and from 2012 till now she is Fellow of ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica). She teaches Chemistry in the courses of Electronic Engineering, and in the field of e-learning she recorded a course of Chemistry broadcasted by RAI NETTUNO SAT1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT2, by means of HotBird satellite of EUTELSAT. She performs activities on science divulgation with the Galileo Museum of Florence. ​
She is responsible for research projects in the following fields : i) protection of cultural heritage, ii) biomaterials to be employed in restorative dentistry, iii) innovative alloys for employments in electrocatalysis, iiii) surface modification of materials by low pressure plasmas. Her scientific work is witnessed in more than 200 papers.

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