Working Group on Test Systems for Economic Analysis

Working Group on Test Systems for Economic Analysis

Scope and Description

This WG is focused on providing validated test systems (or test cases) of electric power systems including economic data. Thus, these test systems are analogous to the IEEE Reliability Test Systems. The general scope of the WG is to:

  • Identify the need for IEEE test systems for economic systems
  • Provide recommendations of “standardized” economic data for economic analyses
  • Discuss methodologies for deriving test systems, including by modeling real power systems and by amending available IEEE test systems with economic data
  • Assemble test systems that represent economic information that would be useful as “economic test systems”
  • Provide an electronic centralized pool of test systems

Leadership Team

Chair: Dr. Xiao-Ping Zhang, University of Birmingham,

Vice Chair: Dr Rodrigo Palma, University of Chile,

Secretary: Dr Zhi Wu, Southeast University,

Past Activities

Since its inception, the WG has organized a number of panels at IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meetings. The hosted panels include:

  • “Test Systems for Economic and Reliability Analysis,” 2010 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
    • Panel Chairs: C. Schaffner, X.-P. Zhang, and L. Bertling
    • Panelists:
      • Keith Bell, University of Strathclyde and Nasser Tleis, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, “Test system requirements for modelling future power systems”
      • Christian Schaffner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Xiao-Ping Zhang, University of Birmingham, “Test Systems for Economic Analysis–An Introduction”
      • Roy Billinton and Dange Huang, University of Saskatchewan, “Test Systems for Reliability and Adequacy Assessment of Electric Power Systems”
      • André Diniz, CEPEL, “Test Cases for Unit Commitment and Hydrothermal Scheduling Problems”
      • Rodrigo Palma-Behnke, University of Chile, “The Chilean Test System for Economic and Reliability Analysis”
      • Fangxing Li, The University of Tennessee and Rui Bo, Midwest ISO, “Small Test Systems for Power System Economic Studies”
  • “Advances and Applications of Test Systems for Economic and Reliability Analyses,” 2011 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
    • Panel Chairs: Lina Bertling, Christian Schaffner, and Xiao-Ping Zhang
    • Panelists:
      • N. Lu, P. Du, P. Paulson, F. Greitzer, X. Guo, and M. Hadley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “The Development of a Smart Distribution Grid Testbed for Integrated Information Management Systems”
      • J. Price and J. Goodin, California Independent System Operator, “Reduced Network Modeling of WECC as a Market Design Prototype”
      • R. Palma-Behnke, University of Chile and André Diniz, CEPEL, “Validation of Hydrothermal Test Cases for Economic Analysis”
      • E. Haq, D. Haller, and K. Rahman, California Independent System Operator and B. Iverson, Siemens Energy Inc., “Use of Common Information Model (CIM) In Electricity Market at California ISO”
      • L. Bertling, P. Bangalore, and T. Le, Chalmers University of Technology, “On Use of Reliability Test Systems: A Literature Survey”
      • Marjia Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University, “Operating-Conditions and Decisions-Driven Test Systems (OCDTS)”
  • “Development of IEEE Test Systems for Economic Analysis,” 2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
    • Panelists:
      • Jim Price, California Independent System Operator, “Benchmarking a Reduced Test-Bed Model of WECC Region for Unit Commitment and Flexible Dispatch”
      • R. Palma, University of Chile, “Developments in Hydro-thermal Test Systems”
      • Eugene Litvinov and I. Lelic, ISO New England, “Software System and Process for Electricity Market Studies”
      • W. Li, ISU, “A Small-Scale ISO-NE Test Case Study of Wholesale Electric Power Market Operations”
      • E. Haq, California Independent System Operator, “Bid-to-Bill Market Test System at California ISO”
      • Ning Lu, North Carolina State University, “A Distribution System Test Bed for Retail Pricing Scheme Analysis and Information Management”
  • “Development of IEEE Test Systems for Economic Analysis,” 2016 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
    • Panel Chair: Xiao-Ping Zhang
    • Panelists:
      • R. Palma-Behnke, “Evaluation of system flexibility based on unit commitment parameter definition – scenario with high penetration of variable renewable sources in the Chilean system”
      • X. Zhang, “System with Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy”
      • Jim Price, California Independent System Operator, “Perspectives on Modeling Market Interactions in Face of an Evolving Resource Mix”
      • Liegh Tesfatsion and Auswin Thomas, Iowa State University, “Using an Integrated Retail and Wholesale (IRW) Power System Test Bed to Explore the Dynamic Effects of Price-Responsive Retail Contracts”
      • K. Kok, “Creating a novel standard benchmark for smart grid coordination approaches to balancing”
  • The WG Chair, Xiao-Ping Zhang, also participated in the panel “Advancements in Power System Analysis Test Cases Panel,” which was organized by Roger Dugan as part of the 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting to summarize the progress of the WG.
  • 2020 IEEE PES GM Panel  Session “Test Systems for System Operations, Unit Commitment, System Planning with High Renewable Energy Penetration”.
    • Session Co-Chairs: Dr Xiao-Ping Zhang, University of Birmingham,, Dr Rodrigo Palma, University of Chile,
    • Panelists
      • Dr Jim Price, California ISO, 20PESGM3402-Test Bed Models for Design of Distributed Energy with ISOs and DSOs
      • Dr Ahmed Saber, ETAP, 20PESGM3404-Test Systems for Unit Commitment with Renewable, Storage, Contingency and RAS
      • Dr Bri-Mathias Hodge, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 20PESGM3405-Modified 118-bus Test System with Increased Wind and Solar Penetration
      • Dr Rodrigo Palma, University of Chile, 20PESGM3403-Chilean Test System Suite for Economic Analysis

Future Activities

The WG is planning the following future activities:

  • Preparation of journal papers summarizing the work and findings of the WG
  • Organization of Working Group Seminars
  • Preparation of a white paper/report
  • Providing relevant resources regarding test systems to the power system community via the WG website

Get Involved

You can join the WG and get involved by contacting Xiao-Ping Zhang, the WG chair.