Distribution System Operation and Planning Subcommittee

Distribution System Operation and Planning Subcommittee

Chair: Dr. Nanpeng Yu, University of California, Riverside, nyu@ece.ucr.edu

Vice Chair: Dr. Zhaoyu Wang, Iowa State University, wzy@iastate.edu

Co-Vice Chair/TCPC: Dr. Lina He, UIC, lhe@uic.edu

Secretary: Dr. Yuzhang Lin, New York University, yuzhang.lin@nyu.edu

Co-Secretary: Dr. Xiangqi Zhu, NREL, Xiangqi.Zhu@nrel.gov

Past Chairs:


The Distribution System Operation and Planning Subcommittee focuses on both the power system planning and operations of electric distribution systems. On the system planning front, the Subcommittee disseminates information on the methods and techniques for planning sustainable, reliable and cost-effective distribution systems, considering the transition from contemporary to future customers and business processes, as well as the use of automation and control technologies, distributed energy resources, distributed generation, renewable resources of utility scale and at customer sites, demand response, EVs, energy storage, virtual power plants, microgrids, two-way power flow, and DC systems.  Active Circuit Planning is emerging as the center stage for distribution system planning.

On the system operations front, this Subcommittee disseminates information on what and how Distribution Management Systems (SCADA/DMS) systems in Distribution System Control Centers would be used to operate the distribution systems so as to meet the system operations objectives of high system reliability, environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, using application software such as Advanced Distribution Automation, Integrated Volt/Var Control, Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration, and Demand Response Management System, and the use of associated communications infrastructure.  Advanced Distribution Management Systems, which includes the integration of SCADA/DMS with Outage Management Systems, and its interfaces with Business Enterprise IT Systems (including Enterprise Service Bus [ESB], Geographic Information Systems [GIS], Advanced Metering Infrastructure [AMI], Mobile Workforce Management Systems [MFWM], Damage Assessment, etc.) using industry standards is an integral part of this Subcommittee’s system operations front.

Since distribution system business is undergoing significant changes, the Subcommittee also covers emerging topics related to distribution system planning and operations.  Such topics including Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS),  development of Sustainable Energy Communities in developing nations, Asset Management and Asset Condition Monitoring, and test distribution systems to facilitate planning and operations analysis of new technologies or engineering practices.

Working Groups and Task Forces:

  • WG on Modern & Future Distribution System Planning
  • WG on Asset Management (Dr. Tony McGrail, tmcgrail@doble.com)
  • WG on Distribution Management System (Terry Nielsen, terry.nielsen@gridbright.com)
  • WG on Sustainable Energy Systems for Developing Communities (Henry Louie, louieh@seattleu.edu) Website: http://site.ieee.org/pes-sesdc/
  • TF on Future TSO-DSO Interaction: Challenges, Business Cases and Solutions (Prof. Gareth Taylor, gareth.taylor@brunel.ac.uk)