Power System Operation, Planning and Economics (PSOPE) Committee IEEE


Welcome to the IEEE PES PSOPE Committee Website!
The IEEE Power & Energy Society Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE) committee covers the philosophies, methodologies, practices and tools for operation, planning and economics of interconnected and insular power systems. The PSOPE committee focus areas include:

  • Long term power system planning, operations planning and real-time operations time horizons
  • Operating under normal, emergency, and restorative power system conditions
  • Ensuring adequacy of energy and demand-side resources, whether or not dispatchable, to meet active and reactive power and reserve requirements
  • Planning for and operating transmission and distribution systems to ensure safe, environmentally sustainable, reliable, and economic delivery of power and energy to  load delivery points
  • Integrating renewable resources, distributed energy resources, microgrids, demand response resources, energy storage resources into power system planning and operations
  • Designing and operating markets for electricity and ancillary services, including regulatory issues and interfaces between electricity and other commodities (such as fuels)
  • Addressing the economic issues behind the functioning of the planning and operational aspects of the power industry
  • Training and workforce support for power system operations personnel
  • Identifying needs and requirements for improved philosophies, methodologies, technologies and tools for power system planning, operations and markets
  • Liaising with other PES committees and IEEE organizations to foster communications and respond effectively to evolving power system business environment

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PSOPE Annual Report – 2017

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PSOPE Annual Report – 2020

PSOPE Annual Report – 2021