Power System Operation, Planning and Economics (PSOPE) Committee IEEE


Working Group on Business Models for Energy Storage

Scope and Description

This WG came to being at the 2011 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting has been active since. The objective of the working group has been to engage various stakeholders and promote a better business case for grid-scale energy storage. The WG’s scope of work is:

  • Focus on economics: building business cases and performance-based economic evaluation
  • Reviews of global energy storage project-development cases and new technology development
  • Performance-based economic evaluation on emerging grid applications (e.g., ancillary service, transmission system optimization, microgrid design, smart grid)
  • Market design, policy, and regulatory recommendations to accommodate energy storage and its myriad applications

Leadership Team

Chair: Dr. Hamid Zareipour, University of Calgary, hzareipo@ucalgary.ca

Secretary: Dr. Yury Dvorkin, New York University, yvd204@nyu.edu

Past Chairs: Dr. Ning Lu, North Carolina State University, nlu2@ncsu.edu and Dr. Pengwei Du, ERCOT, pengwei.du@ercot.com


Since its inception in 2011, the WG has organized a number of panel sessions in IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meetings and at T&D meetings. Starting in 2015, the WG has regularly offered tutorials on energy storage economics at IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meetings and T&D meetings. These tutorials have attracted over 300 attendees thus far. The WG has proposed a tutorial and will also organize a sponsored panel session at the 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting.

The WG is also in the initial stages of developing a while paper on the regulatory, market, and policy treatment of energy storage and a special section of a PES Transactions journal. Further details are to be determines at the 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting.

Get Involved

You can join the WG and get involved by contacting Yury Dvorkin, the WG secretary.