Typhoon Jebi

On Tuesday, September 04, 2018, the typhoon Jebi struck the Kansai area, including Kobe. We are happy to report that the Portopia hotel (the venue for our Symposium) and the surrounding area are safe and unaffected.
The Kansai International Airport area has suffered significant damage, however, operation of domestic flights has already started in small volume. Operation of international flights are expected to restart as soon as possible, for some airlines within the next 10 days. While we recommend that you check directly with your booked airline for any possible travel advisory notices, the organizers do not recommend at this time a rebooking of your flight to alternative airports.

Please continue to check this page for any eventual changes in the travel conditions or recommendations. We will also update the page once we receive an official notice about the return of The Kansai International Airport to full operation.