Richard Orgias

Richard Orgias is currently Principal Consultant at Performance Focus Limited, New Zealand. When Richard returned to New Zealand in 1992 after 16 years working offshore, and having just completed 4 years constructing a US$7bn new refinery project, the availability of work in construction in New Zealand was limited and he was employed by Morgan and Banks first as a Consultant in the technical and operations team. He was subsequently appointed to the then new role of Group Business Development Manager and was then appointed manager of the technical operations business and New Zealand unit manager reporting to the Director of Industrial and Consumer divisions based in Australia. Richard then left to set up on his own He is currently working with Performance Focus Limited.

Richard’s activities cover a wide area of Human Resources. A primary activity is recruitment at senior levels especially in sectors such as construction and infrastructure, utilities, engineering, manufacturing and technology. Other functions include projects such as restructures, senior leadership development programmes, and remuneration advice and recruitment solutions including Graduate Recruitment. Richard has an effective network of senior leaders and directors throughout New Zealand.

Richard has a Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University and various project management, leadership and sales management course qualifications.