Gareth Hughes

Musterer, Spokesperson for Energy and Resources, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Science and Innovation, Animal Welfare, ICT, Tourism, and Wellington Issues
 A tech-savvy MP, Gareth hosts online public meetings, was the first NZ MP to participate in an ‘ask me anything’ session on the website Reddit and successfully pushed for live streaming of select committees. Gareth’s vision for New Zealand includes supporting the ICT sector, investing in renewable energy and keeping our oceans healthy, all while creating jobs that keep our clean green brand real.
Gareth as Energy Spokesperson launched the new green party policy. A-2 pager of the policy is here. For this 2017 ISGT-ASIA conference, he will opening up on this challenge which will set up the tone of the rest of the conference that will address how we can do it and learn from experts and industry practioners across the globe (from 30+ countries) who will be attending this premier  IEEE Power and Energy Conference.