EMT simulations of large wind farms

Full Day Tutorial + Workshop   (Monday, 4th December, 8:30am-4:30pm)   (CANCELLED on 16 Nov 2017 due to Unavoidable Travel Issues)

The growth of renewables and usage of power electronic devices in the electrical network is ever increasing the need for the study of the impact wind farms have on the dynamics of the power systems they are connected to. The complexity of their designs makes it necessary to use detailed EMT models that can capture the non-linearities and study potential resonances in both, the wind farm machine, in the case of type III generators, or the power electronic controls in the case of Type III and Type IV generators.

The tutorial will focus on the modeling techniques used in wind integration studies such aggregation of individual wind generators into clusters and/or the usage of parallel processing capabilities for faster simulations. It will also include a discussion on the usage of detailed models versus average models.

A preview on the screening techniques that can be used to identify potential SSTI and resonances with other elements in the system will be presented. The tutorial will include a hands on section where the participant will be able to split a system for parallel situation in PSCAD, as well as an exercise on online screening techniques for potential resonances.



Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso

Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso, P. Eng., M.Sc., received his Electrical Engineering degree from the National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia, in 1996 and his M. Sc. degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 2005.  He worked designing medium to large power transformers with Pauwels Transformers in Winnipeg for four years between 2002 and 2006.  He then joined the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre in 2006. Since joining the Engineering Systems Department, Juan Carlos has been working in various consulting projects pertaining to transient simulation of power systems with PSCAD™/EMTDC™ in the areas of insulation coordination, VSCs, protections, and superconductive magnetic devices.

One of the main areas of expertise of Juan Carlos involves the development of new models for magnetic simulation with PSCAD™. In particular, his extensive knowledge about transformers has led him to work in improving PSCAD’s transformer components. His experience has also allowed him to work together with a customer in the development of PSCAD models of advanced superconductor magnetic devices for current limiting purposes.