David Swift

David Swift is member of the executive leadership team of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in the role of Advisor to the Chief Executive.  AEMO has responsibility for operating the electricity and gas markets in eastern and southern Australia including the management of the national grid.  Since November 2015 AEMO’s responsibilities have progressively extended to Western Australia.  It also has a range of planning and forecasting roles related to these markets.

David has worked for AEMO since its formation in 2009 with a range of responsibilities related to the company’s future direction in the light of regulatory, policy and market change.  He is currently leading AEMO’s response to the Finkel Review.

David has had a strong involvement in work to integrate renewable energy into the national grid.  He led AEMO’s “Future Power System Security Program” seeking to ensure that the security of Australia’s evolving energy markets is maintained with the changing generation mix.David has worked in the electricity industry for many years, initially in South Australia. He has worked on, or been involved in, the National Electricity Markets in various roles since the late 1990s.