Plenary Speaker (Dr. Sergio Butkewitsch Choze)

Optimization in industry: from statistics to evolutionary methods in design and management applications


This talk will use the example of a real design task to illustrate the interplay between evolutionary methods, systems management and statistical techniques in the solution of complex technical issues. Systems management, notably requirements determination techniques, encompass the planning of optimization activities and proper allocation of resources to accomplish them. Evolutionary algorithms and statistical methods based on classification are then used to solve the optimization procedures necessary to fulfill the requirements previously developed. A conclusion is presented emphasizing the role of optimization in industry from a consumer/market viewpoint.


Dr. Sergio Butkewitsch Choze has over 15 years of experience as an executive, engineer and consultant, serving major automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, oil and gas and R&D companies worldwide. He obtained his doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from the Federal University of Uberlandia in Brazil, developing innovative research in the field of multidisciplinary systems design optimization (MSDO).

His technical expertise includes modeling of complex systems with
highly coupled physics, statistical analysis, structural and multidisciplinary optimization. On the management track, Dr. Sergio is an expert in systems engineering and project management, with application of mathematical models for risk analysis and mitigation. He is a founding member of the Brazilian chapter for the INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineering.

Both as a university teacher and corporate instructor, he has taught and lectured extensively in the fields of solid mechanics, statistics, multidisciplinary design optimization and management technology. His academic activities also led to the production of about 40 papers published in conferences and journals, with recognitions such as the Young Researcher Fellowship for Exemplary Research, granted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1st Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics (2001). Dr. Sergio’s main hobbies are traveling and listening to classical music.