The Workshop on Swarm Intelligence

Workshop at the IEEE 2015 International Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC2015)

Sendai, JAPAN, May 25 – 28, 2015.

Date of Workshop: May 25, 2015

20th March, 2015 ##

Workshop Chair: Junichi Kushida (THiroshima City University)

Scope and Theme:

In this workshop, we will discuss on Swarm Intelligence. All the talks in this workshop is of oral presentation. We would like to collect novel ideas or new paradigms in Swarm Intelligence so that position papers are welcome for the workshop. Although this workshop does not require any papers, we will edit proceedings for this workshop based upon your requests.

NOTE that this proceedings is separate from the proceedings of the CEC 2015 , that is, the papers of this workshop will not submit to IEEE Xplore. We do not ask the authors to transfer copyrights for this workshop paper so that you can send the paper to another conferences after the workshop.

The theme of this workshop is any aspects of Swarm Intelligence such as the following list.

Topics of interest (but are not limited to):

  • Ant Colony Optimization
  • Artificial Immune System
  • Bees Algorithm
  • Differential Evolution
  • Memetic Algorithms
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Applications of Swarm Intelligence Algorithms

Submission deadline: 20th March, 2015

Notification of acceptance: 25th March, 2015


The following information should be sent to the workshop chair, Dr. Hisashi Handa, handa -at-, by email.

– Theme of Workshop: swarm intelligence

– Name of presenter

– Title

– Extended Summary (about 600 words) or Full Paper.

The submission format for the full paper is the same as of CEC2015, at

In order to participate this workshop, full or student registration of CEC 2015 is needed.

NOTE that we do not have any VISA support for presenters who present their papers  on ONLY workshops.