The organizer of a Conference or a Workshop if wish to get technical sponsorship from ComSoc Chapter, they must apply (using the form at the below link). IEEE Global suggests to plan the conference at least a year before. Bangalore section seeks your application before six -nine month and similarly the chapter. It is notice that when experienced group of volunteers (organizers) approach IEEE six-nine month before, we get the approval.

Please visit this to download the form:

It is informed to all concern that technical sponsorship by IEEE Global is given ONLY when a local chapter and Parent Section (for example, ComSoc chapter and Bangalore section) have approved and technically sponsored.

The Parent section will technically sponsor ONLY when, a chapter has already approved and supported.

This means that to get technical sponsorship for a conference or workshop, one has to first contact a Chapter/Society.

We are here to help you to guide through, what you need to do. Please contact us if you want our support (technical sponsorship).

Technical support/sponsorship allows you

+ to get technical manpower in organizing your events in a proper ways,

+ to keep and maintain quality,

+ helps to publicize your event

+ recognition of a quality event

+ to get speakers/experts (we have data base of experts)

+ monitor closely to ensure that event is successfully completed (a dedicated      team will be assigned from our experts for your event)

+  and many more…….


DO NOT HESITATE to contact us. We will work with you to make sure that a great event initiated by you is successfully completed.


IEEE SPCOM 2020 is technically sponsored by ComSoc Bangalore.