IEEE Bangalore Chapter ComSoc Cup:

The IEEE communications society Bangalore chapter communications cup (ComCup) is an annually held competition that encourages and facilitates teams of students from all over India to work together toward solving real-world problems using communication engineering techniques. Each year, final teams are chosen to present their working prototype during the flagship conference of the IEEE communications society Bangalore chapter to compete for attractive sets of prizes.*

1. Team formation and eligibility:
To participate in the ComCup competition, each team should comprise of utmost 4 members, with one faculty member from a university as a mentor and one professional member from
the industry as an (optional) advisor. The members can be undergraduate students, graduate students, professional members who have graduated not more than 2 years back, or a mixture of these
indicated. All the team members have to be either regular or student members of the IEEE Communications Society, which should be valid till the end of the announcement of results. A
participant cannot be on more than one team. Gender inclusivity among the members is mandatory.

2. Duration of the competition and various phases:
ComCup will be held in four phases, namely phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4. In phase 1, each group is expected to create a short video presentation describing the problem statement,
proposed methodology, and expected outcomes. In phase 2, each group is expected to make a presentation of the solution, design of the prototype, and implementation details which is followed
by a Q&A session. In phase 3, more implementation details, a short video of the working prototype, results and discussion, and a succinct report have to be submitted for the final review.
Phase 4 will be an in-person event, where each team is expected to show a working prototype and is expected to submit the full draft of the research paper in ready-to-be-submitted form.
Commercialization and patent-related details can also be presented.

3. Prize for the finalists:
All the teams that successfully complete Phase 3 will be invited to participate in the IEEE Bangalore flagship conference CONECCT 2023 for the Phase 4 evaluation. The winners will be given a
slot to present the work and demo in a special session. The winners will be invited to join the conference with complimentary registration, which gives them a unique opportunity to interact
with ComSoc technical leaders and experts.

Key Dates
T0 – Last date for team registration – 30-Nov-2022
T1 – Problem definition – 15-Dec-2022
T2 – Solution details – 30-Dec-2022
T3 – Detailed presentation – 15-Jan-2023
T4 – Final demo/presentation – 15-Mar-2023

Committee Members 
Dr. Ganesan Thiagarajan
Dr. Sanjeev Gurugopinath
Dr. D. N. Sujatha
Dr. Shobha K. R.
Ms. C. Gnanapriya
Dr. Jagadeesha R. Bhat
Ms. Soma Pandey

*Decision by the jury is final.


Protsahan 2022:

The Bangalore ComSoc chapter, Protsahan drive is to recognize contributions in the Communication Sector by granting awards to any paper published / Tutorial offered in recognized conference/journals (during Oct 2021 – Sep 2022) by IEEE student member/member/non-member (as the first author to be IEEE member, non-Member in the jurisdiction of IEEE Bangalore Section). Publications can be part of fundamental research or industry-aligned research in the Communications sector. Broad criteria include:

1. Academic Research (fundamental)
a. Novelty
b. Analysis & Insights
c. The superiority of the proposed technique vis-a-vis state of the art

2. Industry Research (having potential for Commercialization)
a. Innovation
b. Social Impact
c. Commercialization

The last date for submission of award forms will be 23 October 2022.

The top 5 entries under the following are the Categories, Target Groups will be awarded:
I IEEE member, ComSoc member –  Book(s) in the communication area
II IEEE member, ComSoc non-member – One-year ComSoc membership
III IEEE student members – One-year ComSoc membership + a book / gift
IV IEEE Non-member & Professional / Student –  One-year ComSoc membership, provided IEEE membership is taken

Submit your entries on or before October 23, 2022, using the below link-

With Warm Regards,
Protsahan Committee
– Dr Ganesan Thiagarajan (Chair)
– Dr. Navin Kumar
– Gnanapriya Chidambaranathan
– Dr. Sanjeev Gurugopinath
– Dr. Sujatha
– Dr. Shushrutha

Protsahan – Recognition of Research Publications Notice 2022