Chair Column

Latest Updates from Chapter Chair

We have some latest updates:.
1) We completed hosting two of three planned IEEE 5G Summits this year in Bangalore with support from the IEEE 5G Summit and IEEE Future Networks Initiative team. There was excellent participation at these summits. We plan to have the third 5G Summit in late November.
2) The IEEE Future Networks team and IEEE 5G World Forum team have asked our chapter to host the 3rd IEEE 5G World Forum from September 10-12, 2020 in Bangalore, and we are all excited and looking forward it. We are hoping that that the momentum from the recent 5G Summits will help culminate in a nice 5G World Forum next year.
3) We have proposed a Summer School 2020 for students with a couple of date options – one in late June which corresponds to the typical summer vacation time for students, and a second one to run after the IEEE 5G World Forum to leverage the outstanding international speakers who would be attending the forum.
4) Our Study Group sessions have become quite popular among the local IEEE Comsoc members (interestingly some have recently joined the chapter due to the study group activities). We have completed a series of study group sessions on Massive MIMO, and we are now starting a sequence of study group sessions on Quantum Communications. These study group sessions are driven by a teacher volunteer but  they fully engage all other participants actively in an informal setting with no worries about a final examination :). So everyone is happy to freely discuss without any inhibitions, and to go deeper into abstruse technical concepts as well as needed. We need to do more of this in the coming months and years.
5) We hosted a competition GraTE’7′ (Graduate Congress: Graduate Thesis Evaluation in 7 Minutes) for PhD/MS thesis students and gave awards to the 7 best thesis. All the awards incidentally went to brilliant women engineers and students, which left all of us pondering and ruing whether we are managing diversity in talent well and whether we are giving the WiE community enough opportunities to grow in our respective organizations.
6) We are hosting the 2nd edition of ITS workshop (focused on autonomous vehicles) on 8 November and a fun Drones conclave (workshop) was also held recently in September to discuss technical and regulatory issues.
7) Some of our volunteers actively participated in the IEEE WiE Leadership Summit which had section-wide support from the IEEE in Bangalore.
8) We are continuing to help local Smart City Initiatives by providing technical input as needed in different emerging smart cities in the state (within driving distance from Bangalore).  Also, strengthening the team ISCAT.
9) We have started participating in the C4IR (Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution) activities on topics related to IoT, Smart Cities, Robotics, Blockchain, 5G, AI/ML, Drones, and Data Privacy. This is an activity driven by the World Economic Forum. The focus here is provide feedback on technology benefits to society to influence policy and regulation for adoption of such emerging technologies, by engaging communities (academia, industry and government) to come together to explore future technology. Some recent exploratory work is about a data exchange protocol (IUDX) pioneered at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, to enable data fusion across IoT data streams at a command and control center in a smart city (currently under test in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai smart cities).
10) We are continuing our Research Methodology and IEEE AuthorshipLab workshops to educate students about technical paper writing, to promote academic honesty and to promote passion for research in the community.
Our work continues. We are enjoying it, and we are happy to be part of the IEEE ComSoc community, and also just happy contributing our little bit where possible and if there is a need.

“Volutnteers in our chapter, and in particular, the members in the executive committee for the chapter are keenly engaged in giving invited talks, guest lectures, or keynotes, and participating in panels, or chairing seminars . They have been invited to give talks at various events including international / national conferences,  workshops, and seminars. On an average, we deliver over 60 technical talks every year. This year, so far we have completed 45 or more of such talks.

Conference Support –

We have technically supported 3 international conference and 1 technically and financially National Conference that is PhD Colloquium on Ethically Driven Innovation and Technology for Society (PhD EDITS 2019)

Additionally, many workshops are technically supported by ComSoc.




A record of few activities completed by our team.

(i) Dr Navin Kumar, is invited as one of the panelists for the panel session organized by NXP India, Bangalore on 17th Jan 2018.

(ii) Dr A Paventhan has delivered a tutorial on “IoT based Smart Home Design” at preconference tutorial on 18th Jan at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. The tutorial is a part of International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy Systems IEEE PESTES 2018, the 3rd Edition, organized by Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore.