ComSoc Newsletter is new  initiative started from 2017. It is planned to release two issues per year, first one being in May/June and the second towards December/January. Additionally, during AGM, there will be report with the important summary of whole year.



ComSoc News Letter June 2022 Issue 11 :  IEEE COMSOC NEWSLETTER June 2022




ComSoc News Letter December 2021 Issue 10 :  IEEE COMSOC NEWSLETTER Dec 2021




ComSoc News Letter June 2021 : IEEE COMSOC NEWSLETTER june 2021




Call for Article for 12th Issue of Newsletter : 

IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter seeks interesting articles for the 12th Issue newsletter to be published in December 2022. We publish the Newsletter bi-yearly. You can find the previous issue here:

We invite articles on the latest technology and innovation in the domain of 5G, 6G, Open RAN, COVID-19, ML and AI in Communications etc., from researchers and industry experts working in the field. Students Branch Chapters are encouraged to send articles as well.


Guidelines for sending articles:

1. the maximum length of one page in two-column formats for each such article (. docx format only)
2. image file to be sent separately in addition to that embedded in the text. (accepted format jpg).
3. The articles can be supported with a photo related to the article/event/topic of high resolution.


Deadline: 10 th June 2022

Company/Organization –Company / Organization can contact us to advertise its service/product in this Newsletter. Charges are 5000/ INR for a half-page advertisement and 8000/INR for one page.

Chapters and Affinity Group in Bangalore: If you wish some important information to be distributed, we can offer it Free of Cost (Maximum half page)

Please contact / send your articles to




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