Research Methodology and IEEE AuthorshipLab Workshop

IEEE ComSoc has taken this initiative to propagate and conduct the Research Methodology Workshop extensively to help the youngster to do quality research in his/her field.

Primary focus of this workshop is to improve research quality, create an environment and culture for the research.

The contents are unique. The 2-day workshop will consist of all the components required in the research cycle.

It has been noticed that our quality of research and published papers are not of standards (in many cases). We dont blame only youngster/scholars who are new to this. In a deliberated discussions with some of the senior professional, we have found significant issues with senior people who are experienced do not pay attention to this and may be youngster are not being guided properly. The workshop addresses all the issues and therefore, useful for ALL.

Normally, planned to have 3-4 workshop every year including outside Bangalore. 

Organizations/Institutions who want to host the workshop are requested to contact Dr Navin

For Industry/Organizations  One day Package is available. However, for academic Institutions, two days are suggested.

Contents are normally:

You can also download here: ResearchMethodologyWorkshop_Details_FinalJuly2018

Workshop Objectives:At the end of this workshop, the audience should be able to:

  • understand some basic concepts of research and its methodologies
  • identify appropriate research topics
  • select and define appropriate research problem and parameters
  • prepare a project (thesis) proposal (to undertake a project/thesis)
  • organize and conduct research (advanced project) in a more appropriate manner
  • write a research report, article/paper and thesis
  • write a research proposal (grants)
  • Review an article and submit the report (peer review process)

The workshop is divided into 4 modules (four session each of 3-31/2 hrs:

Module 1 – Identifying a problem (Problem Definition)

Module 2 – Tackling and addressing the problem (Doing Research)

Module 3 – Reporting the research (Report/thesis writing/publishing includes IEEE AuthorshipLab)

Module 4 – Peer Review Process and Proposal Writing

Institutions/Organizations interested in hosting the workshop are requested to contact Dr Navin

Contact – Dr Navin Kumar @

For Industry – One day workshop is packaged with the main focus and emphasize on Writing and Publishing.

Tentative SCHEDULE


Defining a Research Problem

Day/ Time Subject/Topic/Title to be covered Prospective Speakers (Pls list/recommend)
Day 1

09:00- 13:00

Defining a Problem?

[1] Overview of Research and its Methodologies

·       Concepts of research

·       The need for research

·       Types of research

·       Steps in conducting research

[2] Literature review

·       What is literature review?

·       Why the need for literature review?

·       How to carry out a literature review?

[3] Selecting and defining a research problem

·       Problem formulation – why the need for this?

·       What are the criteria for selecting a problem?

·       Identifying variables

·       Evaluating problems

·      Functions of a hypothesis


Approach to Solve the Problem  (Conducting Research)

Day 1

14:00 – 17:30

Approach to Solve the problem?

[4] Conducting the research

·       Research activities

·       Preparations before conducting your research

[5] Examples of Research at the University

·       Differences among Postgraduate and

Undergraduate Research

·       Research at the postgraduate level (PhD and


·       Research at the undergraduate level (BSc)

·      Preparations for an Undergraduate Final Year Project


Publishing / Reporting Research work (Includes Writing Research Report or Thesis)

Day 2



09:00 –


While describing publication, copyright comes and so CR and Patenting can be discussed. Including related other terms like Copyright transfer, etc. Patent vs copyright, including coauthors, etc

[6] Writing Research Reports and Thesis

Writing Research Paper

·      Why the need to write papers and reports?

·      Writing a research report

·      Writing a technical paper

IEEE AuthorshipLab

    Thesis Writing

·      Contents of a Thesis

·      Case Study


Reviewing Article & Proposal writing (Peer Review)

Day 2




Peer Review

·      What, why (Importance)

·      Review process

·      Plagiarism, etc.

·      Review submission


Contact – Dr Navin Kumar @


      7th Workshop was organized at Christ University, Lavasa, Pune

          Date : 13-14 Sep 2019

Over 50 faculties and research scholars attended the sessions. They appreciated the workshop contents. The feedback was excellent.


6th Edition (13-14 April, 2019) 

ComSoc and CMRIT Sponsor 

CMRIT, ITPL Road, Kundanhalli Bangalore 560037

The workshop concluded with a regular attendance of over 75 faculties and scholars. All of them attended all the modules and enjoyed the session. Some of the faculties/professionals with several years of experience in Industry gave an excellent feedback for this Practial/Example based workshop


Research Methodology Workshop

To improve

  • research ability,
  • the paper quality,
  • the skills in writing paper,
  • and bring awareness and adaptation of professionalism,
  • and bring confidence in scholars and professionals
  • the ability of search and define problems
  • understand the peer review importance and write comments for a review; and many more..

IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter came up with Research Methodology Workshop Series Event Plan. It is utmost needed. At least 2-3 events per year, in and around Bangalore will be conducted.

The July edition is jointly sponsored by IEEE Bangalore Section and IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter. Scheduled on 8-9 July, 2017 @ AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore, 560035

You can find some details here:

IEEE ComSoc Chapter and IEEE Bangalore Section

Jointly Organizes

Two Days (8-9 July, 2017) Workshop on

Research Methodology

 Unique Contents, 4-Sessions, 4 Experts

(like Tutorial Session)

ONLY @ COMMITMENT FEE of 500 INR IEEE Member and 600 INR Non member
(Online Registration ONLY)
If a person pays and registers for more no. of participants, kindly ask each of them to send  Full Name (as would like to be written on the certificate), Affiliation, Email, and mobile no. to – giving the details about who paid the fees. You all must bring printed invoice during the workshop.
Registration Includes Lunch, Tea/Coffee/Biscuits/Snacks (certificate Soft Copy)
Details – Download the Schedule: ResearchMethodologyWorkshop_nkv3
@ Amrita School of Engineering, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore – 560035


Previous Workshop

Two Days Workshop on
Research Methodology
8- 9 May, 2017 @ CMRIT, ITPL Road
The research methodology workshop is conducted at CMRIT, ITPL Road. A series of talk is planned by expert. You will learn, what is needed to do research, why to do research, where to do research, what to do research and how to do research. You will learn, how to become author. This is very important. Writing a paper and publishing a paper is not easy. The main focus will be publishing IEEE related conference paper, journal, transactions, etc.
Contact – Dr Sudhir Routray ( for further details.