Fall Symposium: Nanoengineered Biomedical Devices

Tuesday November 19, 2013
8:30 AM – 4:15 PM
Texas Instruments (TI) Auditorium E-1
2900 Semiconductor Drive
Santa Clara, CA



The IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Ninth Annual Fall Symposium:
Nanoengineered Biomedical Devices

Join colleagues from industry and academia to learn from speakers at the frontier of nanotechnology enabled medical devices, diagnostics, and medical research.

08:30 AM — Registration & Networking
09:10 AM — Welcome – Dr. Geetha R. Dholakia

09:15 AM — KEYNOTE
Prof. David Deamer, Biomolecular Engineering UC Santa Cruz
Nanopore Analysis of Nucleic Acids: From an Idea to a Working Instrument

09:55 AM — Coffee Break

10:05 AM — SESSION 1 – Diagnostics
Dr. Mehdi Javanmard, Senior Research Engineer, Stanford Genome Technology Center
Ultrasensitive Electrofluidic Technologies for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Dr. Tom Peyser, Vice President, Science and Technology, Dexcom
The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM: Ten Years of Progress in Commercialization of Glucose Monitoring Systems

Dr. Adam Seger, Electrical Engineer, MagArray, Inc. Post-doctoral Researcher UC Santa Cruz
Magnetic nano-sensors for sensitive protein detection

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12:05 PM — LUNCH and Poster Session

01:20 PM — SESSION 2 – Nanoscale Tools for Biology
Prof. Erkin Seker, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis.
Gold foams for biomedical devices.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgDownload presentation here.


Prof. Demir Akin, Deputy Dir, Ctr for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence. Stanford School of Medicine.
Cancer Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Challenge

02:40 PM — Break – Refreshments

02:55 PM — SESSION 3 – Nanomaterials
Dr. Dominik Ziegler, Researcher, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Scuba Dive to the Nanoscale: New Probes for Low-Noise Mass and Force Sensing in Liquids

Prof. Tao Ye, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
Nanoscience Tools for Positioning, Measuring, and Activating Individual Biomolecules

04:15 PM — ADJOURN