Member Directory(2019)


Muhammad Bilal
(Branch counselor)
IEEE No:93261645
Engr. Dr. Shahid Atiq
(Head of Department)
Electrical Engineering Department



Engr.Maira Alvi (Branch Adviser & WIE Supervisor)
IEEE No:93931932


Engr. M Armughan Shakeel (Faculty Advisor IEEE)
IEEE No:94414446
Alam Nashra Kyani (Chairperson WIE) IEEE no:94410856
Ahtisham Ul Haq (Chairperson IEEE) IEEE No : 94125746



Areeba Shabir (Vice-Chairperson WIE) IEEE no: 94411447
Muhammad Ghulam Mohyudin (ViceChairperson IEEE) IEEE no: 94411980 Email:












Nida Tahir (General Secretary WIE ) IEEE no: 94416845 Email :
M. Ali Raza (General Secretary IEEE) IEEE No:94412761



Ayman Dilshad (Joint Secretary WIE)


Rizwan Zafar (Joint Secretary IEEE) IEEE No: 94412655











Sabir Hussain (Treasurer IEEE)
Abdul Rehman (Treasurer WIE) Email :












Saad Massod ( Liaison Head IEEE ) IEEE No. : 94412823 Email:









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