IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The association is chartered under this name and it is the full legal name. IEEE is the world’s largest premium professional organization which is divided into 10 geographical regions.

How can I form a new Student Branch?

You can form a new Student Branch if one does not currently exist at the school, by visiting the IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions website, scroll down the page and select the link for “Student Branch”. This document will provided step by step instructions regarding an IEEE Student Branch.

Will I get an IEEE Email Alias with IEEE Membership only?

Yes, you’ll get a full email setup with registration of IEEE and alias as well.

How much IEEE Membership costs?

IEEE Membership dues varies from region to region, see below list:

Residence Member
Full Year
Half Year*
Full Year
Half Year*
United States $199.001 $99.001 $32.00 $16.00
Canada (incl. GST) $175.45 $87.73 $33.60 $16.80
Canada (incl. HST for NB, NF, NS and PEI) $190.35 $95.18 $36.16 $18.08
Canada (incl. HST for ON) $187.37 $93.69 $36.16 $18.08
Canada (incl. GST and QST Quebec) $190.31 $95.16 $36.79 $18.40
Africa, Europe, Middle East $162.00 $81.00 $27.00 $13.50
Electronic membership3 $90.00 $45.00 n/a n/a
Latin America $153.00 $76.50 $27.00 $13.50
Electronic membership3 $81.00 $40.50 n/a n/a
Asia, Pacific $154.002 $77.00 $27.00 $13.50
Electronic membership3 $82.00 $41.00 n/a n/a


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