Meeting minutes are  protocols or informal notes of the instant written record of a meeting or hearing. They typically describe the events of the meeting and may include a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues.

Latest Meeting Minutes of IEEE KFUEIT MEETING:

Dated: 10 January,2018.

IEEE KFUEIT Student Branch
Minutes of Meeting

The meeting was held on January 10, 2018, 12:30 PM in Lab 02 Department of Electrical Engineering.
The meeting started with the name of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. The following members attended the
1. Engr. Muhammad Bilal (Branch Counsellor).
2. Engr. Maira Alvi (Brach Advisor).
3. Hamza Latif (Chair Student Branch).
4. Syed Khumain Hassan (Vice Chair).
5. Alam Nashra Kyani (General Secretary).
6. Haris Ali Abid (Joint Secretary).
7. Ahtisham Ul Haq (Treasurer).
8. Ahmad Toor (Event manager).
9. Areeba Shabir (News Letter Head)
10. Saad Masood Choudhary (Web Master).
11. M.Usama Ahmad (Logistic Head).
12. AAmir mumtaz (Liason head).
13. Imran Zulifqar (Decor Head).
14. M.Ali Raza
15. M. Ghulam Moyudin
16. Rizwan Zafar
17. Ahsan javed
18. Nida Tahir
19. Ayman Dilshad
20. Muhammad Hunzla
21. Gul Hassan
22. Ali Faraz
23. Salma Batool
24. Aiman Shahzad
25. Rabia Akram
26. Javaria Gulzar
27. Maryam Rasheed
28. Minahil Farooq
29. Sundas Rasheed

Following agenda items were discussed & Decisions taken by Branch Counsellor Engr.Muhammad Bilal:
1: Information Sharing
  • Information will be share on time
  • Message for meeting will be share one day before the meeting
  • Reminder of meeting will be share one hour before the meeting.
  • Meeting minutes will be share after the meeting.
  • Build a strong information network between the members.
  • Meeting /activities or other IEEE related documentation will be shared by liasion team lead by the liasion head.
Tasks assigned to:

Aamir Mumtaz(Liasion Head)

2: Reporting Section
  • Reporting team will work efficiently.
  • Report of every event must be prepared after the event.
  • Prepare the necessary proposal for the IEEE BSSYWC Congress.
Reporting Team:

Alam Nashra Kyani
Areeba Shabir
Haris Ali Abid

3: Media team

  • All the necessary data of all the events will be upload on the website.
  • Upload the data of activities on the Facebook page.
  • Increase the Likes of Page.
  • Share the related information of IEEE Congress on the FB page.
  • Work on the graphic necessary for the IEEE Congress.
  • Create an event on the Fb page for the IEEE BSSYWC.
  • Design poster for the IEEE BSSYWC.
  • Finalize their plan regarding the IEEE Congress.
Media Team:

Ali Raza
Ali Faraz
Gul Hassan

4: Publicity team
  • Publicity of IEEE BSSYWC on social media print media.
  • Design a cover photo on social media for the IEEE BSSYWC.
  • Confidential Data regarding the Congress and the team members is not share with  any one
  • Design a Photo frame for the Fb page regarding the IEEE BSSYWC.
  • Team finalize its plan regarding the IEEE Congress
Publicity Team:

Imran Zulifqar
Alam Nashrah
M. Ghulam Moyudin

5: Information of Members
  • Members information will be share on the Facebook page.
Task assigned to:

Syed Khumain

6 :Branch Account

1. Branch account will be finalized on first

Task assigned to:

Ahtisham Ul Haq

7 :Ex Com
  • Ex com should we actively participate in the
    meetings and should be on time.
8 :Decor Team

1. Decor team finalize its plan regarding the IEEE Congress.

Decor Team:

Alam Nashra Kyani
Areeba Shabir
Nida Tahir
Ayman Dilshad

9: Marketing Team
  • Marketing finalize their proposal and their presentation regarding the IEEE BSSYWC.
  • Enlist all the expected sponsor for IEEE BSSYWC.
Marketing Team:

Ahmad Toor
Syed Khumain
Syed Bilal Hadier

10 :Finance
  • Prepare all the documents related to the IEEE BSSYWC finance.
  • Make a feasibility report of Accommodation for guest’s speakers and students.
  • Make a tentative plan of social night.
Finance team:

Ahtisham Ul Haq

11: Public relation

Prepare the plan regarding the Public

Task Assigned to:

Aamir Mumtaz

All the member will follow the timelines of the assigned tasks restrictley and report to Branch
Counsellor / Faculty advisor and Chairperson of IEEE on time. At the end Branch Counsellor advised
its students member that we should work hard and behave as a team and as a family member to make
this congress successful one. Our efforts will highlight our students branch as a best student branch at section level. Which not only give fame to our student branch but also, we will be trendsetter in KFUEIT to host such a big level
event in the history of KFUEIT. Meeting was ended by thanking note of Branch Counsellor to all IEEE

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