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Shaer Ahmed

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Shaer Ahmed

Vice Chair

Shaer Ahmed has been an active member of IEEE and IEEE AUST Student Branch since the end of 2015. He was selected as the Webmaster in the executive committee of 2016. After dedicatedly working as the webmaster for a year, he was selected as the Vice Chair of IEEE AUST Student Branch for the year 2017.

Other than developing the official website for IEEE AUST Student Branch, designing all graphical materials, maintaining the online presence for IEEE AUST Student Branch, Shaer has also helped organize several events for the branch during his tenure as the webmaster.

Shaer is also currently volunteering for the IEEE Bangladesh Section as a part of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) Team as the Content and Presentation Coordinator. He also volunteered for the IEEE Xtreme 10.0 programming competition in 2016. Apart from volunteering for IEEE, Shaer has contributed as the Assistant IT manager for Intra University Project Competition, Techfiesta ’16 and Inter University Project Competition, Engineus ’17 both of which took place at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology in the year 2016. He is passionate about technology and passes his free time by reading, watching movies, documentaries or TV shows or developing electronic projects.