Mentoring Program

As a part of continuous support for professional growth of its members and promotion of excellence in engineering practice the Signal Processing Society of Poland Chapter IEEE proposes a Mentoring Programme. It is conceived to support of active engagement and collaboration between experienced and young SPS members and an impotrant step towards effective integration within our community. Moreover, the Programme opens a new platform for cross-university exchange of ideas and is expected to partly substitute for the staff mobility which is not always possible for various professional and personal reasons. Finally, the Programme forsters the cooperation of young and experienced professionals towards a continuous and smooth generation shift into our domain.

The Signal Processing Society selected distinguished members with internationally recognized achievments, who are experts in their field and who are willing to share their time and experience to develop future leaders. This is a chance not to be missed.

Participation in the Program requires mentees and mentors to be SPS members. Mentees may be members of any grade. Student and young professional participation is highly encouraged. Mentors must be above student member grade. Instructions on how to become an SPS member can be found here. Sign up today and join this exciting new initiative designed to bring our community together. We trust you will enjoy the experience and reap the rewards.

The Program allows participants complete flexibility to manage the frequency, duration, and method of interaction in a way that suits both the Mentor and Mentee. The SPS promotes a wide range of networking and mentorship styles with a spectrum of benefits tailored to individual participants. In the particular case of PhD Students, the Mentor does not supersede the formal supervisor and to avoid conflicts we recommend the Mentor choice to be approved by the Supervisor. The Program Coordinator provides ongoing guidance and support for participants to get the most out of the program. To become a Mentor or a Mentee, please sign up for the program.


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