About IEEE Signal Processing Society

In 1948, when the IEEE Signal Processing Society officially founded, the signal processing discipline practically nonexistent. There were no defined career paths yet. Now, getting to know the world around us and the advancement of technology has made us able to process signals with almost endless possibilities.

The role of the IEEE Signal Processing Society in the last 70 years has been to educate the signal processing and support members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society in their work.

About Poland Chapter of IEEE Signal Processing Society

The Poland Chapter’s prime goal is to provide and promote dedicated initiatives in Poland that would facilitate a development of the Polish signal processing community, by advancing and disseminating state-of-the-art relevant scientific information as well as by drawing on existing experience of the professionals from the academia and industry, and after blending them, by providing a platform for networking and technical cooperation.

IEEE SP Poland Chapter is effective in meeting its objectives primarily by organizing national and international scientific conferences or other educational and networking activities. This exceptional forum of dialogue encourages among other mentoring relationships, particularly for those IEEE members who would like to gain insights into newest trends in international signal processing life and in technology or are active in searching for inspirations for their professional development.

The Poland Chapter of IEEE Signal Processing Society was established in 2003. At the end of 2017, the Chapter had 69 members.


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