The IEEE Power and Energy Society has long recognized that ‘’Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.’’ The IEEE PES HardTech Summit (IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event) will bring together the next generation young global leaders (PES student members and PES graduate student members (PES YP)) on energy sector and interactive talks from entrepreneurs, makers, leaders, community experts from different parts of the world on Energy Hardware Technology and Energy Entrepreneurship. This event will be a great opportunity for students to interact, meet and share ideas with them.

PES HardTech SUMMIT sponsors:


The IEEE PES HardTech Summit will focus on new ideas, innovation and inspiration.

We will have 5 main activities:


1) IEEE PES Green Entrepreneur competition: August 25, 2018 (Time: 1h30min)

  • Live Virtual Events. Online training sessions with follow topics: Business plan; Business Model Canvas; SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis; Empathy Mapping; Pitch techniques.
  • Competition presentation. August 25, 2018: business plan and pitch presentation




This competition will open student’s mind for entrepreneurship in the energy sector. In the 3rd PES student congress and PES HardTech Summit (IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event), PES will provide student travel support to 102 students (one student from different PES Student Chapters and universities) from 30 countries across the world.

These students will have the opportunity to make registration in the PES Green Entrepreneur competition 1 month before the IEEE PES HardTech Summit and 3rd PES student congress. The students will divide in teams with 5 people. The congress committee will make teams with students from different countries. These teams will have the goal to motivate PES student and PES young professionals work without boards to make innovative projects and companies in the same way of globalization. These teams will have to propose new companies (product, technologies, services business or social entrepreneurship) based on the following topics:

a) Renewable energy

b) Energy efficiency

c) Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


All PES GEC (Green Entrepreneur Competition) teams have men and women PES volunteers. Each team will be represented by women member following the IEEE PES WiP (Women in Power) vision.


More information about PES Green Entrepreneur Competition:

Competition Overview

2) IEEE Smart Village projects and opportunities for entrepreneurs: August 25, 2018 (Time: 45 min)

  • Track Session

Time: 9:30 am – 10:15 am (August 26, 2018)

Speaker: Frank Lambert (2019 PES elected president)


IEEE Smart Village (ISV), a pillar initiative of the IEEE Foundation, catalyzes development in disenfranchised communities around the globe. It does this by providing technical and financial support to local entrepreneurs who expand both energy access and education to remote communities. This model of sustainable community development is successful because the empowered beneficiaries play an active role. This sets ISV apart from other humanitarian and development initiatives, and as seen through its early stages, the program produces tangible results.

SV has provided energy access to more than 150,000 people in rural communities around the world. In addition to supplying power for basic home needs, this expansion of energy access provides the foundation for education centers in the Himalayas, coffee mills and schools in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and multiple agricultural co-ops in Nigeria, Uganda and Cameroon. ISV’s development model, driven by the efforts of local entrepreneurs, addresses the unique needs of each community.

The IEEE PES HardTech Summit and IEEE HAC event will have a track session with IEEE Smart Village projects and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Frank Lambert (2019 IEEE PES president elected) will make a presentation about his volunteer work with IEEE Smart Village projects at Haiti (2016-2018). Also, he will share all opportunities and best practices to inspire PES student and young professionals work in their countries with IEEE Smart Village projects.

More information about THE IEEE SMART VILLAGE


3) Entrepreneurship in the Energy Sector (Panel session): August 26, 2018 (Time: 1h30min)

  • Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (August 26, 2018)


This panel will bring energy entrepreneurs to share their experience, best practices and inspire student and young professionals. We will provide an opportunity to students have contact with great entrepreneurs from different business in the energy fields:

  • Innovative and technological companies;
  • Services business.
  • Humanitarian entrepreneurship.


Mikio Kawai Junior – CEO at Safira Energia company 

Ílio De Nardi Jr – CEO at Keppemotor company

Pedro Pintão – Founder at Neosolar company



Speaker biography

a) Safira Energia

Mikio Kawai Junior – CEO at Safira Energia company 


He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from FEA-USP (Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting of the University of São Paulo), MSc in Economics from Unicamp (State University of Campinas), Doctor of Civil Engineering with emphasis on energy resources by Unicamp and certificate by the AMP (Advanced Management Program) of the IESE Business School of Barcelona. He has more than 20 years of experience in the electricity sector and acts as an advisor to BBCE (Brazilian Energy Trading Company), COGEN (Energy Cogeneration Industry Association) and Abraceel (Brazilian Association of Energy Marketers).


B) Keppemotor

Ílio De Nardi Jr – CEO at Keppemotor company


He is an electrical production engineer at FEI, Master in Environmental Technology at IPT / USP. In addition, he holds two MBAs at USP, the first in Business and Technology Management and the second in the MBA in Teaching.

He has experience in engineering and project management, development and innovation. Also, he has experience in consulting, projects and installations in the areas of industrial infrastructure, conformity assessment, national and international product certification.  He is a professor of project management and strategic business planning at IBTA (Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technology). Also, he is a professor of people management at the Mauá Institute of Technology.


C) Neosolar Energia

Pedro Pintão – Founder at Neosolar company

Partner and Founder at NeoSolar Energia. This company that operates since 2011 in off-grid solar projects, distributed generation and which has also been more recently dedicated to electric vehicle recharging systems

He graduated as a production engineer at Escola Politécnica at USP (University of São Paulo) in 2002. He has worked for eight years as a consultant in business management, process optimization, cost management and performance. Also, he postgraduate degree in Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency by PECE / USP  (University of São Paulo)





A) Safira Energia

The delivery of innovative energy solutions is what has driven Sapira Energia for almost ten years. In the complex universe of the Free Energy Market, we serve consumers with contracted demand above 500 kW and generators of the most diverse sizes, seeking to promote business benefits of both categories, mainly in terms of economy. These are the results of our constant efforts to combine expertise with efficiency, which are translated into trust for our customers.

More information about Safira Energia:


B) Keppemotor

The Keppe & Pacheco Association, a private legal entity, owns the rights to explore the Keppe Motor patent.

The Keppe & Pacheco Association is currently bringing the Keppe Motor Technology to public attention both in Brazil and abroad, in order to provide licenses to explore this patented invention to industries interested in manufacturing and commercializing groundbreaking technology products, with low energy consumption and high performance.

The Keppe Motor has gotten this name because it was developed according to the scientist Dr. Norberto R. Keppe’s innovative technology, which served as the source of inspiration for the engineers Cesar Soós, Roberto Frascari and Alexandre Frascari to find a way to produce motors with low energy consumption and higher efficiency in relation to conventional motors.

More information about Keppemotor:


C) Neosolar Energia

Focused on making photovoltaic solar energy a viable and used solution throughout Brazil. That’s why we care about training specialized labor and marketing quality equipment, offering the complete solution, according to the needs of each client. And this includes making available all the information that facilitates and stimulates the use of solar energy. Because the more people think of sustainable and economically viable solutions, the better it will be for everyone.

More information about Neosolar:


4) Gala dinner and award ceremony (PES Green Entrepreneur competition award): August 26, 2018 (Time: 3h)

Time: 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm (August 26, 2018)


PES YP will hold competition award as part of the gala dinner congress. So, we will provide plaques, medals and PES YP competition certificate attendance for all PES team members in the IEEE PES Green Entrepreneur competition. The IEEE PES Green Entrepreneur competition will engage the next generation of young professionals to continue work as volunteer.


More information about Gala dinner and award ceremony:

Congress Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony


5) Technical visits on industrial companies: August 27, 2018 (Time: 5h)


The technical visits will happen in the morning period on August 27, 2018.

We will have 4 technical visits. The PES students will have to choose only one visit to attend because each visit will happen far away from the congress venue. Also, each technical visit will take 3 hours. These are the 4 technical visits that we will hold as part of the 3rd PES student congress:

  • Henry Borden hydrometric plan
  • Carbocloro company
  • Toyota
  • Omnisys
  • Masipack

More information about the technical visits: