Created in 2005, the Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC) is a federal public university in the ABC region of São Paulo that occupies the 1st place among the Brazilian universities in the SCImago Ranking in the “Excellence in Research”, “Publications quality “and” Standard impact of publications”.

It was evaluated by the Brazilian Ministry of Education as the 1st in the ranking of undergraduate courses among all Brazilian universities, due to its infrastructure, faculty and graduates. UFABC is the only Brazilian federal university with 100% of doctoral professors.

Currently, university admission takes place through one of two interdisciplinary baccalaureates of basic education (Bachelor of Science and Technology and Bachelor of Science and Humanities) and, after these courses, students can join one of the 24 post-Baccalaureate one of the university campuses, Santo André or São Bernardo do Campo.

UFABC São Bernardo do Campo was founded in 2012 and hosts the courses of Sciences and Humanities and their derivatives, as well as Management, Biomedical and Aerospace Engineering and Neuroscience. The campus was chosen to host the 3rd PES Student Congress for its infrastructure and for having hosted a National Meeting of Student Branches and National Meeting of Young Professionals in 2016.