This is the moment when we can show a little part of the cultures and traditions of our countries and branches. During the Multicultural Night, each IEEE Section will have a table to place its food and drinks.

For this moments we ask the participants to bring a “little piece” of your country. Foods? Drinks? Music? Tell some curiosities about your lifestyle, let’s share!

It´s important to bring:

– Country flag

– Typical clothing of the country’s culture

– Typical country music in a pen-drive

– Food and drink typical of the country

Coordinate with the other IEEE members from your Section attending the 3rd PES student congress to bring the best cultural experience possible! Also, the dress code for this evening is your country’s traditional outfits or an outfit that represents your culture!

Date: 25/08/2018

Local: Pampas Hotel

Dress Code: Traditional Clothes

Previews Multicultural Night (PES student congresses)


1st PES student congress (Turkey, 2014)



2nd PES student congress (Malaysia, 2016)









El Salvador