IEEE Student Branches are organizations formed by students within universities who are IEEE members. The IEEE UFABC Student Branch one academic division of the entity within the Universidade Federal do ABC. Its main objective is to complement the academic formation of the students through extracurricular activities, providing them development of skills both in the technical area and in the area of ​​People Management, creation of networks of contacts at national and international levels, capacity to organize, develop and participate in lectures, mini-courses, projects, company and travel visits, regional congresses, training workshops, leadership development, interpersonal relationship and teamwork, development of non-profit projects with partnerships of companies and institutions aiming to benefit the academic society and local.

Founded in 2009, the IEEE UFABC Student Branch is comprised of undergraduate, master and doctoral students, and has seven undergraduate chapters of the following societies: Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, Computer Society, Electronics Packaging Society, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Power & Energy Society, Robotics and Automation Society, Technology and Engineering Management Society.

Among the recent activities and achievements of the IEEE UFABC are the lecture by the renowned scientist Miguel Nicolelis, the National Meeting of Student Branches & National Meeting of Young Professionals 2016 organization, the Exemplary Branch Award at National Meeting of Student Branches & National Meeting of Young Professionals 2017, third in the Cases of Success in Latin American Regional Meeting of Student Branches in 2012 in Argentina with the STEP project, UFABC Robots Competition (which in its first edition was coordinated by the UFABC students winning the Campus Party Robots Competition), the course of Formal Conversation in English, acquisition of a controller for an airplane, project of recycling of electronic material, and the project TISP that discloses the teaching of engineering in high schools.