Common Aspects of Electrical Equipment Used in Medical Practice / Comments due January 24th

Ω IEC TC 62 has several subcommittees.  One of them — IEC TC 62A — has released a revision to one of its consensus products:  IEC 80001-1 ED2: Safety, effectiveness and security in the implementation and use of connected medical devices or connected health software – Part 1: Application of risk management. Revision 62A/1359/ features: a)… Read more

Content Restoration in Process

Ω A great deal of content was scattered all over high heaven while we were at the IAS Annual Conference; owing to host/server upgrades originating at IEEE Headquarters.  Most posts and pages have been restored but out of chronological order at the moment.  We expect to have the content chronologically restored as soon as possible. … Read more

Guide for Physical Security of Electric Power Substations / Comments due Oct 11th

  IEEE P1402 This guide establishes minimum requirements and practices for the physical security of electric power substations. It is designed to address a number of threats, including unauthorized access to substation facilities, theft of material, and vandalism. It describes the requirements for positive access control, monitoring of facilities, and delay/deter features which shall be employed to… Read more

Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Standby Power Systems / Comments Due Sept 6th

Ω IEEE P3005.4 Recommended Practice for Design and Operational Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Stand-By Power Systems This recommended practice describes how to improve the reliabiity of emergency and stand-by power systems. Some of the factors examined include the specific application of the emergency or standby equipment, environmental concerns, specification and acceptance testing of the equipment, and the operations and maintenance of the equipment.   IEEE… Read more