A Region-Based Approach for the Operational Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems With Renewable Energy Integration


Abstract: Power system operational reliability evaluation is computationally time-consuming due to the need to analyze numerous system states resulting from uncertain renewable energies and loads as well as random outages of components. This article presents a load feasible region (LFR) approach to accelerate the process of operational reliability evaluation. The LFR of each state, which is defined as a polyhedron in the load space, can be built in advance offline. The inner points of the LFR correspond to the loads that can be satisfied under the system operational constraints. Then, the preestablished LFR can be corrected with little computing effort considering the renewable energy fluctuation during the operation phase. The optimal load shedding under each state can be obtained directly by calculating the minimum Manhattan distance to the LFR’s boundary. Multiple application examples are presented to demonstrate the efficiency and scalability of the proposed region-based approach.

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