About: Education and Healthcare Facilities Electrotechnology Sub-Committee

IEEE E&H Activity Summary: May 2023 – October 2023

At the October 2014 Meeting of the Industrial Applications Society in Vancouver the IEEE Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Department approved the creation of a sector-specific committee to provide the international education and health care facilities industry easier access to the expertise of 400,000 IEEE electrical power and telecommunication engineers across the globe.


Scope of IEEE Education & Healthcare Facility Electrotechnology Sub-Committee


This committee will address the special issues, unique circumstances, as well as other financials and foundational issues that so often make the electrical power systems, the power and building control systems and/or the data communication systems serving Educational, and Healthcare facilities so different from industrial facilities, and different from many other commercial facilities.  Currently these two major segments of the Industrial and Commercial marketplace are under-represented, and/or are not represented at all either in the IEEE, in education and health industry trade associations.  The business models of the various trade associations that now service these industries do not support the expertise of electrical professionals who can deliver tangible value to these industries at nearly the rate necessary to even keep pace with rising cost let alone try to front run trends.  A partial list of the topics to be explored and, where possible, driven into leading practice, is available at this link:  EHE Technical Agenda

This committee will have participation from the facilities operational and engineering staffs of the facility management staffs, associated manufacturers and suppliers, as well as professional engineers and consultants who work in the following types of organizations:

  1. K-12 school districts,
  2. Smaller community colleges, colleges, and post-graduate schools
  3. Multi-building, campus-wide environments serving the needs of larger universities, including their educational, administrative, research, athletic, and related facilities.
  4. Local hospitals, outpatient surgery and diagnostic facilities, and primary care clinics.
  5. Multi-building, healthcare systems, and campuses; as well as overall large healthcare systems.

This committee will service these large segments of the economy, will encourage their staffs’ participation in I&CPS conferences and meetings, that currently often show little, or no direct relevance, to these communities, and to the many talented professionals who work within those organizations.  Having these segments of the economy now ‘represented’ within I&CPS will encourage those professionals to be more open to involvement in I&CPS meetings, conferences and committees.  These segments of the electrical power and telecommunication infrastructure have some of the highest renovation (churn) rates of any segment of the economy.   These renovations often need to be done under circumstances where the building and adjacent spaces are in active use, and/or have a very tight schedule for clinical, financial, safety and or other pertinent reasons.

Michael A. Anthony – Chairman | University of Michigan
James Harvey – Co-Chairman | University of Michigan Hospitals
Wei-Jen Lee – Chairman Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Committee | University of Texas Arlington
Peter Sutherland – Chairman Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Committee | General Electric
Joe Weber – Secretary | Emerson Electric


This committee –which starts out as a sub-committee and abbreviated as the “E&He” Committee–will meet via teleconference weekly and will meet two times per year at each of the IAS and I&CPS conferences.  Rollout will begin at the IEEE Conference in Calgary in May 2015 and at the IEEE Conference in Addison (Texas) in October 2015 and will be given further  impetus at the IEEE Conference in Detroit-Windsor in 2016.  A pilot conference at the University of Rome is being planned for sometime in 2017.   More information is temporarily available at this link: IEEE EHe Subcommittee