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Abstract:  A new committee* under the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) Department of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) received approval at the October 2014 IAS Annual Meeting, in Vancouver.  This committee will be dedicated to the special needs and characteristics of the Educational and Healthcare segments of the US and World economies. For example, these two segments of the US economy, alone, annually spend $60 billion on electrical and telecommunication systems; yet, these two segments are either underrepresented, or not represented at all, in most electrical engineering forums, code writing, and/or standards writing institutions.  

This committee was formed to address many of these largely unmet electrically needs of the Educational and Healthcare segments of the economy.   This committee will provide a venue for the exchange of ideas among E&H colleagues about safety, sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership; allow for the creation and approval of needed new IEEE standards or recommended practices; and/or the revisions of existing codes to better reflect the special needs of the Education and Healthcare communities.