IEC Standards Open for Public Comment

  Summary Activity for January 14th teleconferences.  CLICK HERE to access and key in comments: Ω IEC 60364-7-710 ED2 / Low voltage electrical installations – Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or locations – Medical locations / Comments due 2020-01-24 ISO/IEC 30144 ED1 / Internet of Things (IoT) – Wireless sensor network system supporting electrical power… Read more

Electricity metering data exchange – Use of local area networks…/ Comments Due February 21st

Ω IEC TC 13 Scope: Standardization in the field of a.c. and d.c. electrical energy measurement and control, for smart metering equipment and systems forming part of smart grids, used in power stations, along the network, and at energy users and producers, as well as to prepare international standards for meter test equipment and methods…. Read more

Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources w/ Power Systems Interfaces / Comments Due December 28th

Ω Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces Amendment to IEEE Std 1547-2018 to provide more flexibility for adoption of abnormal operating performance Category III (CLICK HERE) IEEE P1547a DER PAR This standard establishes criteria and requirements for interconnection of distributed energy resources with electric power systems (EPSs) and associated… Read more

Campus Power Outage Database Updated to December 13th

From discussions undertaken during twice-yearly Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee meetings during both 2015 IAS Annual meetings and I&CPS Conferences several decisions were made and re-affirmed during face-to-face meetings at conferences since: Only forced outages recorded. Updates on the status of the database will be discussed during the standing bi-weekly teleconferences. Access to the database… Read more