Content Restoration Still in Process

Approximately 6 weeks of content was “lost” during the September 30th server upgrade at IEEE home office.  (Posts and pages from June 30th through September 30th).  The content is still retrievable and we are still in the process of recovering it; hopefully before our October 10th teleconferences.

IEC Standards Open for Public Comment

ISO 80601-2-13 ED2: Medical electrical equipment – Part 2-13: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of an anaesthetic workstation | Comments due 11 November 2019 IEC 63092-1 ED1: Photovoltaics in buildings – Part 1: Building integrated photovoltaic modules | Comments due 13 December 2019 IEC 63092-2 ED1: Photovoltaics in buildings – Part 2:… Read more

Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Standby Power Systems / Comments Due Sept 6th

Ω IEEE P3005.4 Recommended Practice for Design and Operational Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Stand-By Power Systems This recommended practice describes how to improve the reliabiity of emergency and stand-by power systems. Some of the factors examined include the specific application of the emergency or standby equipment, environmental concerns, specification and acceptance testing of the equipment, and the operations and maintenance of the equipment.   IEEE… Read more