Guide for Physical Security of Electric Power Substations / Comments due Oct 11th

  IEEE P1402 This guide establishes minimum requirements and practices for the physical security of electric power substations. It is designed to address a number of threats, including unauthorized access to substation facilities, theft of material, and vandalism. It describes the requirements for positive access control, monitoring of facilities, and delay/deter features which shall be employed to… Read more

Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Standby Power Systems / Comments Due Sept 6th

Ω IEEE P3005.4 Recommended Practice for Design and Operational Considerations for Improving the Reliability of Emergency and Stand-By Power Systems This recommended practice describes how to improve the reliabiity of emergency and stand-by power systems. Some of the factors examined include the specific application of the emergency or standby equipment, environmental concerns, specification and acceptance testing of the equipment, and the operations and maintenance of the equipment.   IEEE… Read more

Guide for Solar Power Plant Grounding for Personnel Protection / Join Ballot by August 29th

IEEE P2778 This guide is primarily concerned with the grounding system design for photovoltaic solar power plants that are utility owned and/or utility scale (5 MW or greater). The focus of the guide is on differences in practices from substation grounding as provided in IEEE Std 80. This guide is not intended for the substations… Read more

Electrical Circuit Data Collection: Phase 2

The E&H committee wrote the papers and became the catalyst for the second of two NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation projects to increase electrical safety and energy efficiency.   The prospectus for  Phase 2, now funded by ASHE, is linked below Electrical Load Study / Phase 2  

IEC/ 62B Diagnostic imaging equipment / Comments Due September 27th

IEC TC 62 has released candidate revisions to IEC 62B/1138/CDV regarding characteristics of focal spots for X-ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosis. Revision scope: To prepare international publications for safety and performance for all kind of medical diagnostic imaging equipment (e.g. X-ray imaging equipment, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging equipment) including related associated equipment and… Read more

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Guide for Switchgear – Unit Substation – Requirements / Comments due Aug 30th

  IEEE PC37.121 This guide covers three-phase unit substations for step-down operation in the range of 112.5 kVA or greater at primary voltages of 601 V through 38 kV. This guide does not cover the following installations: a) Substations in which the transformer section is described and defined as “network,” “subway,” “vault,” or “underground” in… Read more

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