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This page gives an overview of conferences and workshops organized or sponsored by the IPCSD.   Please check with each specific event website for more details, or the IAS website for a comprehensive list of events. Conference papers, like all IAS publications, are available for free to IAS members, electronically, on IEEE Xplore (join IAS – Only $20/year, $10 for students). The following is a high-level list of events the IPCSD Department is involved with.  If you are interested in helping organizing one or another of these events, launch your own, or are looking for IAS sponsorship, contact the Conference Steering Committee Chair.

Any paper actually presented at a conference sponsored or technically co-sponsored by IAS can be submitted for publication in the IAS transactions (or other journals co-sponsored by IAS).  Contact the transaction editor for more details.


ECCE 2020 (Active till Nov 16,2020):  Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition

The five-day conference will be held in Detroit, Michigan, USA | October 11 – October 15, 2020.ECCE is the pivotal international conference and exposition event on electrical and electromechanical energy conversion field. ECCE 2020 Conference will feature both industry-driven and application-oriented technical sessions, as expositions. ECCE will bring together practicing engineers, researchers and other professionals for interactive and multidisciplinary discussions on the latest advances in various areas related to energy conversion.

Some tutorials presented at past ECCEs are on line on  ECCE tutorials


IEMDC 2021:  International Electric Machines & Drives Conference

The IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC) seeks to address all aspects of design, operation, control, and systems integration of electric machines, electromechanical actuators, and the controls and power electronic drives that implement their applications.

APEC 2021:   Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition

APEC is the leading conference for practicing power electronics professionals and addresses a broad range of topics in the use, design, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of power electronics equipment. Join them on June 9-13, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ.

Parts of past APEC programs are on line on, in particular keynote speeches in their entirety here. (see trailer)


ITEC 2021:  International Transportation Electrification Conference (North AmericaAsia-PacificIndia, and Europe)

ITEC is aimed at helping the industry in the transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles. The conference is focused on components, systems, standards, and grid interface technologies, related to efficient power conversion for all types of electrified transportation, including electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs) as well as heavy-duty, rail, and off-road vehicles and airplanes and ships.

Part of the  ITEC program is available on at:  link, specifically the keynote speeches in their entirety.


Finished Conferences 2020:




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IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy PESGRE 2020 January 2 4 India
International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering ICE3 2020 February 14 15 India
IEEE Power India International Conference PIICON 2020 February 28 1 India 
IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois PECI 2020 February 20 21 United States
IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference TPEC 2020 February 6 7 United States
International Symposium INFOTEH-JAHORINA INFOTEH 2020 March 18 21 Bosnia and Herzegovina
IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition APEC 2020 March 15 19 United States
International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering REEPE 2020 March 12 14 Russia
International Conference on Advanced Systems and Emergent Technologies IC_ASET 2020 March 17 20 Tunisia
IEEE Electrical Safety, Technical, Maintenance and Projects Workshop ESTMP 2020 March 16 18 Canada
IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop ESW 2020 March 2 6 United States
IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives PEMD 2020 April 21 23 United Kingdom
Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference I&CPS 2020 April 27 30 United States
IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Conference IAS/PCA 2020 April 26 30 United States
IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference REPC 2020 April 25 30 United States
IEEE International Energy Conference ENERGYCON 2020 April 13 16 Tunisia
IEEE International Conference on Measurement, Instrumentation, Control and Automation ICMICA 2020 April 2 4 India
International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies EVER 2020 May 28 30 Monaco
International Conference on Development and Application Systems DAS 2020 May 21 23 Romania
International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing ICIEAM 2020 May 18 22 Russia
International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and IC’s ISPSD 2020 May 17 21 Austria 
International Conference on Electronics, Computers, and Artificial Intelligence ECAI 2020 June 25 27 Romania
International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion SPEEDAM 2020 June 24 26 Italy
International Conference on Smart Grid icSmartGrid 2020 June 17 19 France
IEEE Mediteranean Elecrotechnical Conference MELECON 2020 June 16 18 Italy
IEEE IAS Pulp, Paper and Forest Industries Conference PPFIC 2020 June 21 26 Canada
IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe EEEIC/I&CPS EU 2020 June 9 12 Spain
 Joint Conference on Electrostatics ESA 2020 June 7 10 Canada
IEEE IAS Industrial and Commercial Power System Asia I&CPS Asia 2020 July 13 15 China
 IEEE International Power and Renewable Energy Conference IPRECON 2020 July 24 26 India
 International Conference on Computational Performance Evaluation ComPE 2020 July 2 4 India
IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica PowerAfrica 2020 August 25 28 Sudan
Toronto International Conference on Power and Energy TICPE 2020 August 20 21 Canada
International Conference on Electrical Machines ICEM 2020 August 23 26 Sweden
International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid IGBSG 2020 August 11 14 Malaysia
IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference PCIC 2020 September 14 18 United States
International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies SEST 2020 September 7 9 Turkey
International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications ICRERA 2020 September 27 30 United Kingdom
International Conference on Smart Technologies for Power, Energy and Control STPEC 2020 September 25 26 India
International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference PEMC 2020 September 20 24 Poland
IEEE International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies GUCON 2020 September 18 20 India
International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation ICCCA 2020 October 30 31 India
Global Power, Energy and Communication Conference GPECOM 2020 October 20 23 Turkey
IEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives SLED 2020 October 16 17 United States
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress And Exposition ECCE 2020 October 11 15 United States
IAS Annual Meeting IAS 2020 October 11 15 United States
International Conference on Electrical Power Drive Systems ICEPDS 2020 October 4 7 Russia
International Conference on Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Engineering ICECIE 2020 November 28 28 Malaysia
IEEE Kansas Power and Energy Conference KPEC 2020 November 13 14 United States
China International Youth Conference on Electrical Engineering CIYCEE 2020 November 1 4 China
IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems PEDES 2020 December 15 18 India
IEEE Student Conference on Electric Machines and Systems SCEMS 2020 December 4 6 China
International Workshop on Electric Drives IWED 2020 Jan 27 30 Russia