Department History

The IPCSD was formed along with the IAS, in 1965, shorty after the creation of IEEE.  However many activities of its committees have a much longer history, as seen in this article on IPCSD history.  This article is part of the IAS 50th anniversary book which was published as a special edition of the IAS Magazine in January 2015.

The Electric Machines Committee became part of the IAS in the early 1980s, although it has a much longer history dating back to before the IEEE.  See article in the IAS Magazine, 2009, by Herb Johnson, EMC first chair (EMC history).

The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems was formed officially in 2011, under the leadership of Dan Ionel its first Chair.  The Transportation Systems Committee was formed at the same time, by action of the IAS Board in October 2011. Its first chair was Iqbal Husain.  See IAS Magazine article about the formation of these two committees.


Past Department Chairs:

Fernando Briz (2022-2023)

Pericle Zanchetta (2020-2021)

Ayman El-Refaie (2018-2019)

Po-Tai Cheng (2016-2017)

Avoki Omekanda (2014-2015)

Joe Ojo (2012-2013)

Giovanna Oriti (2010-2011)

Hamid Toliyat (2008-2009)

Richard Lukaszewski (2006-2007)

Tomy Sebastian (2004-2005)

Rik De Doncker (2002-2003)

Frederick C. Brockhurst (2000-2001)

Thomas A. Nondahl (1998-1999)

Jerry L. Hudgins (1996-1997)

Ira J. Pitel (1994-1995)

Thomas M. Jahns (1992-1993)

Thomas A. Lipo (1990-1991)

Dale L. Ashcroft (1988-1989)

Linos J. Jacovides (1986-1987)

Loren F. Stringer (1983-1985)

Victor R. Stefanovic (1981-1982)

David W. Borst (1977-1980)

Before 1977, the IAS committees were all grouped in a single department, known as the Technical Operations Department (1965-1973) and the Technology Operations Department (1974-1976).