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The Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department (IPCSD) of IAS comprises six technical committees, which together manage knowledge development and dissemination in the field of electrical energy conversion, drives, machines, power electronics, an their applications.  These six committees are listed below.

The Department formally meets once a year, typically on the Sunday at the beginning of the ECCE conference.  The meeting brings together the department officers, as well as the officers of each of it committees.  The meeting is open to any IAS member, including prospective members.  Each committee holds its own meetings, many at ECCE, but at other venues as well. Participation from new members is encouraged.

Committee Name Chair Chairman email address

  Electric Machines

 Akira Chiba

  Industrial Drives

 Mahesh Swamy

  Industrial Power Converter

 Luca Solero

  Power Electronic Devices and Components

 Tanya Gachovska

  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems

 Adel Nasiri

  Transportation Systems Committee

 Bulent Sarlioglu


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