PSE | Power Systems Engineering Committee




Sergio Panetta | Vice-Chair








Fabio Freschi | Vice-Chair


Jim Harvey | Secretary

Jim Harvey | Secretary








Minutes from I&CPS May 2, 2016 Conference:

PSE Main Committee Agenda_2016 IEEE I&CPS Conference


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  1. Power System Design: Jim Harvey
  2. Reliability: Bob Arno
  3. Analysis: Massimo Mitolo
  4. Grounding: Massimo Mitolo
  5. Emergency and Standby Power: Andy Hernandez
  6. Power System Maintenance, Operations, and Safety: Michael Simon
  7. Power Quality: Bob Schuerger
  8. Forensics: Giuseppe Parise
  9. Educational and Healthcare: Michael Anthony
  10. Ports and Harbors: Giuseppe Parise