Department Roster

Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Department Roster
Chair Kent Sayler
Vice Chair Rob Hoerauf
Secretary Sergio Panetta
SDC Chair Daleep Mohla
Meetings Committee Chair Daleep Mohla
Power Systems Eng Com. PSEC Chair Claudio Mardegan
Power Syst. Protection Com. PSPC Chair Saleh Saleh
Energy Systems Com. ESC Chair Mahesh S. Illindala
Codes and Standards Com (CSC), Chair Keith Waters
Rural Electric Power Com. (REPC), Chair Kent Sayler
Awards & Recognition Chair Rob Hoerauf
Fellows & Senior Members Chai Daleep Mohla
Bylaws Rasheek Rifaat
Nominations Rasheek Rifaat

Communications Chair (Webmaster) | Carson Bates (

Previous Chair: Rasheek Rifaat