The Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Department (I&CPS) is a division of the IEEE Industrial Applications Society.   I&CPS traces its roots to the Industrial Power Applications Committee of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE).  It was designated as a Department of IAS in 1977, during a reorganization of IAS.

The Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Department presently consists of the following Technical Committees:

  • Power Systems Engineering Committee (PSEC)
  • Power Systems Protection Committee (PSPC)
  • Energy Systems Committee (ESC)
  • Codes & Standards Committee (CSC)
  • Rural Electric Power Committee

Refer to the following articles for a history of the I&CPS Department:


The Department is active in the presentation and publication of related technical papers and in updating the great series of recommended practice standards (also known as the Color Book Series). This year the department’s annual conference is held in Calgary, Alberta Canada. For more information, please visit the Conference Web Site: