IEEE Dallas Consultants Network

November 16th, 2022

Thanks to everyone who came to the November Planning meeting. We had great ideas for our 2023 programs! Here they are:

Bill’s Ideas: From UTD- Hearing Aid technology, Cyber Security, Traffic Lights Synchronization in Richardson, Quantum Computing

Joe’s Ideas: Texas attorney General topics, LIDAR technology, Railroad issues (Kentucky)

David’s Idea: Water treatment

Ted’s Ideas: Electric Car Club, city of Dallas solar/electricity generation

Susan’s Idea: Super Collider

Steve’s Idea: Systems on a chip

We’ve got our January Meeting with Steve Ruzic presenting the fascinating: Handheld Aircraft Electronics. Come join us in January to hear Steve (and our December meeting to celebrate another successful CN year!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman

September 5th, 2022

Welcome back from our summer break! Our September 12 meeting should be an exciting and especially useful one. Our own Yvonne Salazar and her husband, Lee Baron, will be leading us on a wellness journey to a happier and less stressful life.

Hope to see you at the RockFish Grill on Campbell at 6.15pm!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman

June 6th, 2022

We will have another fascinating meeting in June. Come join us to learn and ask questions about the Electric Vehicle Industry. Here’s what’s planned:

DATE: JUNE 13, 2022

SPEAKER: Brian O’Leary.  

TOPIC: Learn about the Electric Vehicle Industry


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a fast growing industry with a new set of technologies and challenges. Brian O’Leary will share his knowledge about the EV technologies, infrastructure, and trends.


Brian O’Leary is responsible for promoting Indium Corporation’s full range of products and services for e-Mobility, which includes electric cars, trucks, charging stations, etc. Based in Denver, Colorado, Brian travels extensively. He joined Indium Corporation in 2014 and has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and channel management in the electronics industry. Brian earned his master’s degree in international management at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also co-authored two books on thermal profiling called Profiling Guide for Profitability and Profiling Guide for Six Sigma. In his spare time, Brian enjoys hiking 14ers and running. 

Hope to see you June 13!

Maura Schreier-Fleming
IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman 

May 2nd, 2022

Monday May 9 should be a fascinating presentation by Irving Chung. He will share his expertise on franchising. Come join us for our 6.15pm meeting at Rockfish Grill!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE DALLAS Consultants Network Chairman

March 22nd, 2022

Come join us for our April 11 meeting and learn more about the brain and neuroscience. Dr. Will Marks, UT Southwestern, will be presenting our program. Hope to see you at Rockfish Grill!

Maura Schreier-Fleming


December 20th, 2021

Looks like 2022 will start out with some fascinating programs.
Jan 10 2022 Jeff Tregre,20+ Things I Wish I Wish I Knew before I Got Started With 3D Printing
Feb 14, 2022 Dr. Mark Phillips, Associate Dean for Digital Libraries, UNT Libraries Preserving the Internet
March 14, 2022 Nancy Crowe, How to Prevent Cognitive Impairment

Hope you can join us for these exciting presentations!
Maura Schreier-Fleming
IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman

August 23rd, 2021

Hope you can join us to hear more from Dr.Urenna Onyewuchi. She is an IEEE member and Founder of the IEEE Power Africa Conference. She has taught Math in Atlanta’s “inner cities,” raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and donated several thousands of her own money to educate Africans in renewable energy entrepreneurship and similar programs. She has exposed over 500 teenage girls to STEM in the US and Africa over the last 5 years.
We will hear about her accomplishments and how we can leverage our engineering expertise here in Dallas.
Hope you can join us!

Maura Schreier-Fleming
IEEE DALLAS Consultants Network Chairman

June 3rd, 2021

June 14 is going to be an exciting meeting. Engineers can boost their career and business success with a mentor. Learn from Michael Schornstein how to work with a mentor. He is not only an effective mentor, but also has years of experience as a successful business professional. See you on June 14 for another Zoom meeting.

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chair

March 1st, 2021

We won’t be meeting next Monday, March 8. Yes, too much cold that interfered with planning.

HOWEVER…. April and May are going to be fascinating meetings.

Have you ever thought of starting a business, but needed some research before you could move forward? What if you weren’t an academic? You found that accessing research was expensive. Accessing research is very fragmented. You can’t get access unless you’re an academic!

What do you do?

You come to the April 12 IEEE Consultants Network Meeting and listen to Dr. Mehmet Günal and AccessMyResearch: Bringing Global Research to Local Businesses. He will show you how his company AccessMyResearch can help you overcome the barriers and get you the research you need.

Then, on May 10, you might be wondering how you can Create A Drip Irrigation System. Steve Ruzic, an IEEE Consultants Network member, will share his expertise and show you how to create your own drip irrigation system.

So recover from the cold, and come back to a great April and May meeting with IEEE Consultants Network.

Maura Schreier-Fleming

November 11th, 2020

Thanks to all who attended the November 2020 planning meeting. Here are the topics we are researching for 2021 IEEE CN Meetings:

  • Use of AI in marketing and population manipulation
  • Climate change beyond debates (Ted Houston)
  • What does 5G Get Us: Fixed Wireless (IEEE Communications) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Farm Automation (David Stephens)
  • Battery Technology for Solar(Tesla Solar Roof)( Dallas North Park  Both wall and Roof (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Health Ideas to reintegrate back to NORMAL (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Entrepreneurs starting their business from UTD Venture Development Center (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Perot Science Museum:  (Joe Miller)
  • UTD Brain Center:  TOPIC (Brain Health in Pandemic) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Drip Irrigation: DIY By Our Local Expert (Steve Ruzic)
  • Home Automation (Chips more standardization) Amazon for speakers or Google 
  • Toyota Connected Car (IEEE Auto) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)

Stay tuned for our calendar for 2021!

Maura Schreier-Fleming
IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman