Feb & March Have Great Programs!

Some of the topics of interest were the environment and management. We’ve got some highly recommended speakers on these topics for February and March. I hope you can join us!

DATE: Feb 13, 2023

SPEAKER:  Chris Guldi, Dallas Sierra Club

TOPIC:  So what if I change a light bulb? It’s not too late! 

DESCRIPTION:  Climate change is so huge that people sometimes feel as if there is nothing they can do about it. There is in fact quite a lot each of us can do. Learn about impacts you can have on the atmosphere, and your own health and pocketbook.

BIO: Chris Guldi is a Baby Boomer who met her husband, Dick, shortly after she moved to Dallas from Louisiana in 1974. Though she was a computer programmer for EDS and he an electrical engineer for TI, they have volunteered over the years in environmental and social justice activism: for clean air, for antiracism, for clean water, and for the Dallas Comprehensive Environment and Climate Action Plan. She and Dick won the 2016 Memnozyne Institute Green Source DFW award for sustainable leadership as volunteers in 2016 for their work as conservation chair of the Dallas Sierra Club. In 2022 she was commissioned as an Earth Keeper by the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church, for an educational event held at First United Methodist Church.

DATE: MARCH 13, 2023

SPEAKER:   Devin Brown, Fed Ex Corporation

TOPIC:   Success in the Multigenerational Workforce

DESCRIPTION:  Generational diversity is often the most ignored and misunderstood DEI topic of major organizations today. With up to 5 generations in the workforce today, it is essential we understand our counterparts and how to lead a large variety of age groups to victory and meet company missions while maintaining workplace satisfaction and work life balance.

BIO:  Devin is a 20 year supply chain professional with a background in both operations and sales and currently works as a Worldwide Account Manager in Global Healthcare for FedEx Corporation.  He received his Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies from UTD in 2008 followed by a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies from UTD in December, 2022.  In his personal life, Devin loves to cook, play music and runs a small business building guitar pickups and electronic components for musicians.

Hope to see you at Rockfish!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman