The IEEE Dallas Section Consultants Network represents members who practice their profession on a consulting basis.  We have prepared this website to assist companies in locating qualified IT professionals with technical expertise.

We meet monthly for dinner meetings on the second Monday evening of the month. Meetings start at 6.15 PM for informal networking and dinner. The program begins at 7PM.

Membership: The $30 annual CN membership is for both non-IEEE and IEEE members of any grade. It applies to each calendar year. No membership cards are required. Non-CN members who are also non-IEEE members pay substantially higher meal rates as the IEEE underwrites the meal cost.

CN is an affiliate group with IEEE, not a full sub group as a society (IEEE terminology for a chapter group) is. It provides valuable service to IEEE members and is supported by IEEE. It’s been said that in business, it’s all about location, location, location. In our case, expanding CN membership to others outside of IEEE creates a better presence (location) for all of us thus benefiting the IEEE members more than if it were closed to non-members. Consider joining the Consultants Network.

If you are considering IEEE membership, please keep an existing member in mind as there are benefits to members that bring in new members.

Also, IEEE dues are reduced usually in half for those members currently unemployed.

Stop by for a meeting and expand your business and engineering horizons.