Unique February PERFORMANCE Meeting:

Our February 12, 2024 meeting promises to be a unique experience for all who attend. We have international speaker Christopher Maier (historian, artist, pianist, composer and creator of Youtube’s Victor Talking Machine History: Just For The Record) who will channel Eldridge Reeves Johnson, the astute Camden machinist who perfected the wind-up Gramophone to deliver quality music to the world. Here’s a brief description:

In this original multimedia one man show, Maier’s carefully prepared digital images and music videos blaze brightly across the screen, weaving a visual tapestry of historically accurate information enriched with personal anecdotes and contemporary theories supported by evidence.

Maier’s antique 1908 Victor Talking Machine Gramophone entertains you with vintage 78rpm Nipper records, from Enrico Caruso’s operatic bombast, to Paul Whiteman’s Charleston dance music and more.

Sounds exciting, right? Plan on attending and email your RSVP to maurasf@gmail.com

See you there!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman