4 October 2023

Announcement: Industry Talk by IEEE PES SIT Student Branch

We are pleased to announce a special event for all Electrical Power Engineering students: an Industry Talk organized by the IEEE PES SIT Student Branch. This is a great opportunity for our members and the broader community to gain unparalleled insights from industry experts. Dr Koh Leong Hai and Mr Andrew Suan will share their industry experience and directly talk to students. We are welcoming all students from SIT, as well as members from NTU, and NUS student branches to join this Talk. In recognition of this being our premiere event, a tea reception will be held for attendees to discuss, engage, and network. This is a great chance for meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

Event Details:

  • Date: 4 Oct 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Location: LT1A, SIT@NYP, 172A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 567739 (beside Blk Q of NYP campus)

Speakers’ Biography:

Dr Koh Leong Hai is the Director of Research, National Metrology Centre at A*STAR. He helmed Programme Director at Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (NTU) leading the national technology consortium, Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore, translating Institutes of Higher Learning intellectual properties and know-how to industries for economically viable commercialization solutions. He has several patents and technological disclosures in the power and energy domain. He is an Adjunct Professor with Singapore University of Social Sciences and awarded him a five-year Lecturer Service Award. He held several managerial positions in multi-national companies and small & medium enterprises with expertise in industrial automation

Mr Andrew Suan has spent more than 9 years at EA Technology Asset Management in Singapore. This subsidiary company provides world-leading expertise in electrical assets management and provide their customers with award winning diagnostic instruments, technical services and expert consultancy. Andrew has vast experience in the area of condition monitoring of electrical assets. His engineering background ensures he provides clients with long term value in building strategies and devising innovative solutions to complex problem. He can switch between highly technical and wider economic considerations to deliver value for all stakeholders and has worked with utility companies around Southeast Asia supporting them in condition monitoring solutions.


The field of Electrical Power Engineering is witnessing rapid advancements and growing demand for efficient and reliable power systems. Two esteemed industry speakers will share their expertise and insights on the crucial role of Metrology and Condition Monitoring in this domain. Metrology, the science of measurement, plays a fundamental role in ensuring accurate and precise measurements in power systems. This talk will delve into the significance of metrology in power engineering, emphasizing its impact on system efficiency, performance, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, Condition Monitoring, an essential aspect of predictive maintenance, enables early detection of faults and potential failures, optimizing maintenance schedules and enhancing system reliability. Our industry speakers will shed light on the importance of real-time monitoring, data analytics, and predictive maintenance strategies, providing invaluable insights for aspiring engineers. This talk aims to equip engineering students with a comprehensive understanding of the critical role of Metrology and Condition Monitoring in the ever-evolving landscape of Electrical Power Engineering.