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In 2000, after the overwhelming success of the EMPD’98 conference, the chapter decided to donate $20,000 each to the two universities, NTU (Nanyang Technological University) and NUS (National University of Singapore) as seed monies for giving annual awards to their best student specializing in power engineering.

Nanyang Technological University

IEEE Power Engineering Chapter (Singapore) Gold Medal Cum Book Prize

The prize is given to the best final year student from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering who has obtained the highest aggregate marks in the three prescribed elective subjects, namely Power Engineering Design I; Power Engineering Design II and the prescribed elective subject with the highest mark from the following list:

  • Power System Analysis and Control
  • Electricity Unitisation Systems
  • Power Electronics and Drives
  • High Voltage Engineering and Protection

The award comprises of a gold medal with book prize of $100.

Past winners:

2000/2001 Eng Choon Keong
2001/2002 Ang Muah Tong, Steven
2002/2003 Chua Chern Hong, Sherman
2003/2004 Kwan Kian Hoong
2004/2005 Quek Swee Xian
2005/2006 Lim Sok Wei
2006/2007 Kang Eng Meng
2007/2008 Lu Qimin
2008/2009 Quek Shian Pin
2009/2010 Fong Chee Wai

National University of Singapore

IEEE Power Engineering Chapter Medal and Prize

The following is extracted from the NUS website on the award donated by the Power Engineering Chapter.

Donated in 2000 by the IEEE Power Engineering Chapter Singapore, a gold medal and book prize are awarded from the proceeds of a capital sum of $20,000. The awards are governed by the following conditions:

  1. Subject to rule 3 below,
    1. a gold medal will be awarded to the best graduating student with at least a Second Class Honours (Upper Division), and who has the best overall performance in the Final Year Project (FYP) on an electrical energy related topic, and any three modules related to electrical energy systems/devices
    2. a book Prize will be awarded to the best graduating student who has the best performance in Electrical Energy Systems and Power Electronics with at least a Second Class Honours (Upper Division).
  1. The award will be made by the Board of Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the relevant Board of Examiners.
  2. No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
  3. The book prize, valued at $150, will be in the form of book vouchers.
  4. If no award is made in any year, the funds available will be added to the capital sum.
  5. This gift shall be governed by the University Statutes and Regulations, specifically, Statute 15A on Gifts to the University and the corresponding Regulations, as amended.

Past winners:

Gold Medal Book Prize
2000/2001 Chia Kok Lian @ Tjis Kok Lian 2000/2001 Au Yong Haw San (Miss)
2001/2002 Chia Seng Boon, Brandon 2001/2002 Liu Yi Jun (Miss)
2002/2003 Tan Poh Wah 2002/2003 Tan Chin Teong
2003/2004 Chan Tuck Wai, Mark 2003/2004 Chan Tuck Wai, Mark
2004/2005 Jeanny Novita Ali 2004/2005 Teo Chun Guan
2005/2006 Chew Kay Thiam, Dennis 2005/2006 Koh Chin Hwee
2006/2007 Ee Si Ya Edelene 2006/2007 Ee Si Ya Edelene
2008/2009 Lim Kim Huat Jason 2008/2009 Lim Kim Huat Jason