Startup SIG

IEEE Silicon Valley Startup Special Interest Group (SIG)

IEEE Silicon Valley Startup Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to foster a network of experienced and budding entrepreneurs to share ideas & best practices, and collaborate on startup opportunities. IEEE Silicon Valley Startup SIG was founded by Joseph Wei, Chair-Emeritus of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (SCV) and Consumer Technology Society-SCV, a serial entrepreneur, startup coach / mentor with experience in corporate venture and in running his own startup incubator.

Mission of IEEE Silicon Valley Startup SIG:

  • Create a network for SCV members and non-members to collaborate on startup opportunities
  • Provide training / workshops on entrepreneurship, founding and growing a successful startup
  • Demonstrate the values of IEEE membership, resources and network in supporting startups

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Upcoming events on Startup/Entrepreneurship:


2020 Startup Pitch Event

12/3/2020 IEEE Startup Pitch – Innovations amid COVID-19  

Past webinars on Startup/Entrepreneurship:

2/9/2023 Building a tech business in a post-COVID world: a VC perspective by Kostas Mailios, Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Applied Materials AI   Slides
5/19/2022 People. Planet, Profit: Is incorporating as a Benefit Corporation right for your business? by Ruksana Azhu Valappil, PhD, founder of NEEV Health Video Slides
2/3/2022 The Future of Innovation: Ten Lessons from the Venture Ecosystem by Bill ReichertPegasus Tech Ventures   Slides
10/28/2021 Life at a Startup – Fascinating Challenges and Opportunities by Daniel Renner (partner event) Video  
10/21/2021 Quantitative Strategic Decision Making by Hamed Khalkhali (partner event) Video Slides
10/12/2021 Entrepreneurship: What does it take to succeed? by Milton Chang, Incubic Management LLC   Slides
8/26/2021 The Best Marketing Process for High-Tech Startups to Launch Products and Secure Customers by Prem Talreja, Accurate Marketing, Inc. Video  
7/1/2021 What You Wish You Had Known about IP Law Before You Invented Something, by Patience Ren, & Clark Waldon from Holland Law LLP Video Slides
6/17/2021 Building A Better Mousetrap” – a fireside chat with David Van Wie and Stan Hanks of Aventurine Capital Group, LLC on IP asset management Video  
5/27/2021 8 Best Practices  of Product Realization, by Mike Keer of PRG Video  
4/20/2021 Cracking deep tech investments, grants and go to market, by Jing Ge of Vectors Angel Video  
3/10/2021 Introduction to VC Financing: How to Conduct Your Series Seed/A Financing, by Jason Putnam Gordon of Polsinelli LLP Video  
11/17/2020 Start Your New Venture Correctly: An Intro to Entity Formation for Venture-Backed Companies, by Jason Putnam Gordon of Polsinelli LLP Video  
10/22/2020 SBIR & Non-dilutive Grant Funding by Sandra Hryniewicz,  Inspiralia Video  
8/13/2020 Finding Co-Founders and Building Teams in an Early Stage Startup, by Tom Kosnik, FoundersX Video  
6/24/2020 Hardware Entrepreneurship – Insights from successful hardware entrepreneurs – Kurt Petersen, Peter Rodriguez, Sridhar Solur, and Joseph Wei (moderator) Video  


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